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2016 all source rfp

Updated February 2, 2016

APS will be holding a Preliminary 2017 Integrated Resource Planning (“IRP”) meeting on February 9, 2016. The meeting will also be available by WebEx.

Topics for this IRP Stakeholder meeting will include considerations such as the resource planning process, environmental regulations, evolving customer load shapes, load forecasting, integration of renewable technologies, including portfolios and sensitives.

Towards the end of the Stakeholder meeting, APS will provide a brief overview of the 2016 All-Source RFP, including 2020 Deliverability Information which will help bidders better understand constraints related to the APS Transmission / Distribution system. For further information, please go to

Updated November 20, 2015

APS is seeking competitive proposals for capacity resources totaling approximately 400-600 MW.

The following general parameters will apply, subject to change as appropriate prior to the issuance of the RFP.

  • APS expects to issue the RFP on or about March 15, 2016.
  • This RFP will be open to both supply side and non-supply side technologies.
  • Each proposed facility must be a minimum of 25 MW in size, located on a single site.
  • Delivery from any proposed facility shall begin on June 1, 2020, provided that in the case of a proposed asset sale for an existing facility, APS recognizes that pre-sale activities may need to occur prior to June 1, 2020, but shall in no event occur before January 1, 2020.
  • With the release of the RFP, APS will also issue proposed contract forms for each type of qualifying transaction.
  • The entire RFP process will be monitored and reviewed by a third-party independent monitor.
  • Any proposed facility must interconnect directly to the APS system, or in the alternative, the bidder must demonstrate that it has secured firm transmission for delivery from the facility to the APS system.   APS will ultimately evaluate proposals based, in part, on the ability of the proposed facility to effectively serve APS load. A proposed facility with more effective deliverability will be viewed more favorably on this point than a facility with constrained deliverability.
  • Each proposed facility must be constructed and interconnected to meet the June 1, 2020 deadline. For purposes of this RFP, APS will not require any bidder to enter the APS interconnection queue process unless and until its Proposal is selected for Short List evaluation, which APS expects to determine on or about September 15, 2016.  Nothing in this statement is intended to provide definitive guidance to any potential bidder regarding the specifics of the interconnection process that may be applicable to bidder’s proposed facility.  All bidders are responsible for performing their own independent evaluation of the interconnection process as it may affect their proposed facilities.
  • More information will be made available to registered bidders prior to the release of the RFP through an appropriate communication process, which may include, without limitation, stakeholder meetings, webinars, and information posted to PowerAdvocate.
​how to register

To register, go to PowerAdvocate and select "Register", then "I am registering as a supplier". In the Referral Information section, enter that you were referred by Clarissa Graham.

Anyone with an existing PowerAdvocate account should contact Clarissa Graham with their account name and request to be added to this RFP. Please provide existing PowerAdvocate account information such as: full name, company name as it appears in PowerAdvocate, user name, email and telephone number.

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