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2017 request for proposals (rfp) - peaking capacity
​​APS is seeking competitive proposals for approximately 400 to 700 megawatts of capacity to meet peak demand, specifically during the months of June through September. APS will accept proposals for power purchase agreements, and proposed projects must be able to begin delivery no later than June 1, 2021. The entire RFP process will be monitored and reviewed by a third-party independent monitor.

Important Dates:
April 21, 2017: RFP issued
May 10, 2017: RFP Respondent Webinar
June 9, 2017: RFP Respondents' "Notice of Intent to Bid" due
June 21, 2017: RFP Confidentiality Agreements due
July 14, 2017: RFP responses due and fees submitted
December 15, 2017: RFP complete

​​APS will use the PowerAdvocate platform for this RFP.

To register with PowerAdvocate, please visit and select "Register". Select "I am registering as a supplier" (see example below). In the Referral Information section, enter that you were referred by "Venisa Worley".

Anyone with an existing PowerAdvocate account can request access to this RFP via the dashboard in PowerAdvocate. If you are having any issues trying to access in PowerAdvocate please contact the PowerAdvocate Technical Helpdesk at 857-453-5800 or Only PowerAdvocate will be able to confirm or reset your Login and Password.


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