Safety Net

Get a friendly reminder when your APS bill is due.

Designate a friend, relative or community agency as your Safety Net partner. As your partner, they will receive a copy of your monthly APS bill, so they can remind you when your payment is due or bring any late bills to your attention. It’s a free and easy way to help avoid overdue APS bills.

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Adding Safety Net is free and easy

• You designate your Safety Net Partner
• Your partner will receive a copy of your monthly APS bill
• Your partner reminds you when the bill is due
• Don’t worry, your partner isn’t responsible for paying your bill

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Need help managing your account?

Safety Net is a great option for help in keeping you up to date on your energy bill with reminders. And if you need help managing your account, we have Guest Roles where you can give a friend or family member access your APS account.
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