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Resource Planning and Management


Besides reliably delivering energy to our customers every day, we must look at the big picture that shapes Arizona’s energy future. We plan years in advance to ensure that customers have clean, reliable and affordable energy to meet their needs.

Integrated resource plan

We publicly detail our roadmap to the future with an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). This plan forecasts how we will serve Arizona’s energy needs for the next 15 years. The IRP addresses our steps to integrate growing renewable resources and advanced technologies, secure cleaner energy resources and manage environmental impacts. All while maintaining reliability and pursuing energy savings for customers.

2020 Integrated Resource Plan / September 15, 2020
Download 2020 Integrated Resource Plan

2020 Integrated Resource Plan / June 26, 2020
Download 2020 Integrated Resource Plan

2020 Integrated Resource Plan Stakeholder Update / June 11, 2020
Download 2020 Integrated Resource Plan Stakeholder Update

2019 Preliminary Integrated Resource Plan / August 1, 2019
Download 2019 Preliminary Integrated Resource Plan

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Our commitment to a 100% clean energy future

We’ve set a bold goal to provide entirely clean, carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050. Our clean energy plan will be guided by sound science and focused on achieving environmental and economic gains—all while maintaining affordable, reliable service for our customers.
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Request for proposals

When it comes to doing projects with us, we don’t just look for companies that can get the job done. We look for partners.
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Qualifying Facilities

If you’re interested in becoming a Qualifying Facility that sells energy to APS,  complete and submit a Qualifying Facility Application. Then after we receive it, we’ll contact you to discuss your application. If you have questions, you can contact us at apsqf@aps.com.


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Corporate Responsibility Report

Sustainable practices support a healthy environment, a vibrant economy and strong communities. Explore the ways we are working to secure a sustainable energy future for Arizona.
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Doing business with us

Our story is Arizona’s story. We are proud to be a driving force in our state’s economy and a strong partner for businesses in Arizona. We are committed to a supply chain that is safe, sustainable and diverse.
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