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There’s no question the pandemic has created challenges for Arizona’s school teachers. As they adapt to changing learning environments, they are also spending more money out-of-pocket than ever on classroom supplies.

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Automakers have committed billions of dollars to the development of electric vehicles (EVs), fueling a global buzz. Here in the United States, National Drive Electric Week is set for Sept. 25 – Oct. 3. This is a great time for consumers to explore the emerging EV landscape.

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What do solar-powered race cars, weather balloon launches, and raised bed organic gardening have in common? They are all projects that brought STEM subjects to life in Arizona classrooms thanks to grant funding from Arizona Public Service Company (APS) and the Phoenix Suns.

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No doubt about it, drones are cool. They can take amazing photos of hard-to-access places and from vantage points the average human would be hard-pressed to find. At APS, we’ve harnessed this technology to make restoration safer and more efficient after events like storms and wildfires.

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Customers have a variety of options to help manage their energy bills. One program we offer for limited-income customers weatherizes their homes – making the houses more energy efficient and helping customers save money.

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On Saturday, July 10, APS will observe National Lineworker Appreciation Day to recognize and celebrate our nation's lineworkers, craft personnel and all those who work to safely keep the power.

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With more energy-saving technology available than ever before, Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) is poised to add new smart customer products to its already comprehensive customer energy efficiency and demand-side management program portfolio.

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While school may be out for summer, Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) wants to help local teachers get ready for the upcoming academic year with grants for classroom resources. Through the APS Supply My Class program, the company will award 500 K-12 Title 1 public school teachers with $500 Visa gift cards.

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As wildfires affect communities around the state, Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) is working closely with emergency response agencies and will be ready if there is a need to take power lines out of service to protect firefighters and the public.

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