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Powering Success from the Ground Up

The portal is designed to make the construction process simpler, more efficient and more transparent. You can request a new project, register an account, upload documents and track your project status.

Construction Resources: Lay the Groundwork Before You Build


Voltage & As-Built Requirements


The following resources will help you find answers to many of your energy-related questions during your upcoming project. Download these guides to learn more about arc flash calculations and as-built requirements.

Download Arc Flash Calculations: For commercial and industrial installations with voltage levels of 600 or less; provides support for electrical contractors when performing arc flash calculations on proposed installed equipment.

Download As-Built Requirements: For projects surveyed by a private company; outlines requirements to finalize APS design and installation.

Equipment Clearance Requirements


Download the resources below to ensure your project meets our equipment clearance and distance safety requirements.

Equipment Clearance
Meter-Panel Clearances

Extended Power Charges


Download these service schedules to learn how to extend your power.

  • Service Schedule 1: Outlines the terms and conditions authorized by law for the standard-offer and direct-access services made available by APS.
  • Service Schedule 3: Defines the process of how APS extends power to new customers.

Managing Supply Chain Challenges

Global supply chain issues have led to some shortages of key equipment. Read how we’re addressing these challenges and find answers to frequently asked inventory questions.
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APS meter.

Service Line & Meter Installation Status

Check the status of your service line or meter installation request with our convenient online tool.
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Customer Construction Contacts

If you need further assistance, our Construction Contacts map will help connect you with a local project representative who can answer your questions.

Additional Construction Resources

Construction Safety

Find electrical safety tips for everything from overhead power lines to heavy equipment to keep you and your team protected on site.

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Energy Star™ Homes Program for Builders

Join our partnering program with Energy Star to enhance your project’s market share, financial incentives and curb appeal.

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Outdoor Lighting Program

Apply for our Dusk to Dawn lighting program, which provides streetlights and other outdoor lighting equipment to private property owners.

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