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Arizona is a beautiful place to live. Together, we can keep it that way. We’re committed to doing our part.

  • In January 2020, we set a bold goal to provide 100% clean, carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050.
  • The goal includes a nearer-term 2030 target of achieving a resource mix that is 65% clean energy, with 45% of our generation portfolio coming from renewable energy.
  • We will end all coal-fired generation by 2031, seven years sooner than previously projected.

Our clean energy plan is guided by sound science and focused on achieving environmental and economic gains—all while maintaining affordable, reliable service for our customers.

View a one-page summary of our clean energy commitment.

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APS CEO Jeff Guldner shares snapshot of what’s ahead for 2022

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APS customer programs provide pathway to clean-energy future

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Leave it better than you found it

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Pinnacle West recognized with prestigious A- score for climate change and water security

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Report on our Clean Energy Commitment

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APS Sets Course for 100 Percent Clean Energy Future

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“I always enjoy a chance to discuss the work I get to do. But even better is talking about my colleagues -- smart people who are always troubleshooting, innovating and creating new ways for customers to get the most reliable, clean and affordable energy as possible. So, when iHeartMedia Phoenix invited me to sit down and talk about the work we do here at APS, specifically about our commitment to produce 100% clean energy by 2050, I happily agreed."

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Jeff Guldner, Chairman, President and CEO, Arizona Public Service


Elements of Our Clean Energy Platform
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Collaboration with customers, regulators and other stakeholders is key to our plan’s ultimate success. We look forward to working alongside those who believe in this vision to move forward together to keep Arizona clean, beautiful and thriving.
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Counting on Palo Verde

Palo Verde Generating Station is the nation’s largest clean energy producer. Its continued operation is vital to a carbon-free energy future for Arizona and the region. Palo Verde displaces carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to more than 4 million cars driven for a year.
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Increasing Clean Energy Resources

Starting from an energy mix that is 50% clean today, we will increase our investments in carbon-free resources, including solar. Our customers currently benefit from one of the nation’s largest solar fleets, including large-scale solar facilities and groundbreaking rooftop solar initiatives, such as the Solar Communities program.
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Developing Energy Storage

Energy storage helps us provide more clean energy to customers after the sun has set. The path ahead includes our previously announced plans for an 850-megawatt expansion of energy storage, much of it paired with our large-scale solar facilities.
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Transitioning from Fossil Fuels

In the near term, APS will use existing power sources such as coal and natural gas to maintain reliable service, but by 2031 we will no longer use coal and, ultimately, eliminate all fossil fuel emissions. We do not take that transition lightly and are committed to working with our employees and stakeholders on the economic and other effects of retiring those assets.

A Modern, Interactive Grid

We will invest in infrastructure that ensures safety, resiliency and reliability as more clean resources come online.


As electricity gets cleaner, it makes sense to power more of Arizona with it, especially vehicles. This also supports affordable rates and efficient use of renewable energy.

Regional and Market-Based Solutions

Our participation in the Western Energy Imbalance Market is an example of this, improving integration of renewable energy regionally while saving customers millions of dollars annually.

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Our commitment is to maintain a leadership role in shaping a forward-thinking, healthy and prosperous Arizona where people can build a better life. Clean, reliable and affordable electricity is necessary to achieve that outcome. By proactively adopting carbon-free goals, we will encourage and promote market-driven energy innovation. This will elicit the most affordable, flexible and cost-effective options, including new and emerging technologies, for achieving our targets. We are confident this bold initiative will encourage economic development in clean and innovative industries, create thousands of jobs and advance a healthy environment without undermining our unwavering commitment to affordable, reliable service for our customers.


While 2050 may seem far into the future, we must begin now to incorporate our advanced clean energy goals into our resource planning process. The 2050 goal will help guide our choices and investments we make for the next 30 years and beyond. A critical component is the need to invest in resources and technologies that will provide value and preserve affordability for customers. It will require new thinking and depends on improved and new technologies.


With the flexibility inherent in our plan and the declining costs of clean energy resources, our plan provides the best of both worlds – clean and affordable. By affordable, we mean we will manage our operations to try to keep price increases at or below the rate of inflation. Additionally, our plan supports pro-growth policies aimed at keeping the Arizona economy vibrant, allowing statewide economic growth to help mitigate costs. We will work with regulators, customers and other stakeholders to determine the transition path that makes sense for our customers, communities and state.


After our experience with Tom Steyer’s NextGen Proposition 127 and our Integrated Resource Plan process in 2018, we decided to take a very hard look at our generation mix and future plans. We spent more than a year talking to a variety of stakeholders including our customers, business organizations and non-governmental organizations. This plan is the result of those experiences and discussions.
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Our commitment to Sustainability

Explore the ways we are working to secure a sustainable energy future for Arizona.

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Plugging in to Electric Vehicles

Let’s make Arizona a great place to drive electric.

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Corporate Responsibility Report

Sustainable practices support a healthy environment, a vibrant economy and strong communities.

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