APS volunteer looking out across the Grand Canyon.


In the community


Powering Arizona is one thing. But empowering Arizona communities with possibility is another. Along with more than 120,000 hours volunteered by our employees, we donate $10 million annually to worthy community organizations and programs dedicated to improving the lives of Arizonans. 

Powering possibilities


Power to learn


A quality education can open up a world of opportunities. Opportunities that change individuals and all the lives they affect. Which is why we dedicate a significant portion of our community dollars to helping students, teachers and families in Arizona.

Power to thrive


The future of Arizona is dependent on the success of strong, healthy communities that ensure basic needs are met. We support programs that provide access to resources needed for self-sufficiency and an improved quality of life.

Power to inspire

Beyond our traditional giving programs, we collaborate with like-minded organizations to strengthen local communities. Together, we are moving Arizona forward.

Power to build


Arizona cities and town should be safe, prosperous and dynamic. We collaborate with communities of all sizes to attract new businesses, support local suppliers, and partner with organizations that promote civic engagement.

Power to connect


Support comes in many forms. Our employees engage with communities in more meaningful ways.

Power to give


We donate print services, trash boxes and other materials to provide additional support for community organizations and activities.

APS employees standing outside.

Encouraging a healthy environment

There’s no place quite like Arizona. Desert sunsets. Hiking trails. Snow-capped mountains. Vibrant wildlife. We support programs that celebrate and preserve the Southwest’s unique environmental landscape.
Two college graduates hugging in their caps and gowns.

Community Impact Grants

Encompassing all of our core program areas, Community Impact Grants respond to the diverse needs in each of the communities we serve across Arizona. Additional consideration is given to programs that serve under-resourced populations. For more information, e-mail CorporateGiving@aps.com.
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