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Economic Development


More and more advanced business, technology and manufacturing industries are choosing to call Arizona home. One of the reasons is clean, reliable and affordable energy with a range of service options for every size business opportunity.

Our economic development team stands ready with the tools, resources and knowledge to help.

We work with state, county, regional and municipal economic development organizations to attract and stimulate business investment that creates jobs and supports a healthy economy.

Clean Energy

Doing what is right for Arizona

Clean energy is important to you. It’s important to us. It’s important to the future of Arizona.

Today, half of our energy mix is clean and will become even cleaner. We are setting the course for a sustainable energy future that brings together clean energy resources like solar and nuclear, advanced technologies like battery storage, more choice and enhanced reliability for all of our customers.

Energy Costs

Keeping the cost of energy down and economic growth up.

Over the last 25 years (1992-2017), our rates have increased an average of 0.9% for commercial and 1.3% for industrial despite 2.8% inflation.  Keeping energy affordable and costs stable for existing, start-up and relocating businesses helps Arizona thrive. 

View our Business Service Plans to learn more.

Diverse Mix

A diverse energy mix is a smart energy mix

Diversified resources ensure clean, reliable and affordable energy. You flip a switch and the light comes on. But where does the energy that powers it come from and why is that important?


Consistently one of the most reliable utilities in America

Businesses count on us to keep their operations up and running.  We consistently rank among the top utilities for reliability and in 2018 devoted $700 million to operate, maintain, expand and modernize the grid. Average outages per APS customer

2005 - 1.17
2010 - 0.92
2015 - 0.82
2018 - 0.84


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Arizona Prospector

Thinking about moving your business to Arizona or selecting a new site for your operations? Our Arizona Prospector website provides up-to-date community and region-specific data on labor force demographics, wages, top industries, business clusters, consumer spending, education levels, transportation and housing. You’ll also find information on office, industrial and retail building and land availability for a comprehensive look at communities and regions around the state. All great tools to help you make a smart decision for your business.

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Why Arizona and APS?

Innovative solutions ensure a competitive business environment

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Support for start-ups and entrepreneurs

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Community Initiatives

Community initiatives encorage economic development

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