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They are adopting new technologies and want to know how to manage their energy use to best fit their lifestyle. Our Customer Technology programs connect customers with advanced technologies. At the same time, the programs help us learn about how customers interact with these technologies and how they can help harness the abundance of midday solar energy already on our grid.
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APS Solar Communities

We established APS Solar Communities in concert with regulators and community stakeholders during the 2017 rate case settlement. With up to $45M to spend over three years, APS Solar Communities expands access to rooftop solar systems for limited-income customers and the agencies that serve them. Systems are maintained and operated by APS, and connect directly to our distribution system. Customers receive a monthly bill credit for participating.

Our customer programs


Cool Rewards

Cool Rewards is not your average smart thermostat demand-response program—think pre-cooling a home during midday off-peak hours to shift load away from on-peak, high-use periods. Not only might this provide time-of-use customers with greater savings opportunities, but with nearly 13,000 registered thermostats as of summer 2019, it can help us integrate more solar energy onto the grid.

Storage Rewards

Storage Rewards expands our energy storage portfolio to include at least 40 residential and 1 to 2 commercial batteries in addition to our grid-scale battery storage systems. The Storage Reward batteries are installed behind the meter, where they can offset customers' energy usage. To maximize integration of solar at midday, residential participants need to live on select feeders and be on one of our Saver Choice service plans. APS will own and maintain the residential batteries for up to 10 years.

Reserve Rewards

Reserve Rewards provides rebates for 200 residential hybrid heat pump water heaters in areas experiencing high solar penetration. This provides customers with an energy-efficient technology aligned to our Saver Choice service plans and helps APS soak up excess solar energy at midday. Customers own their water heaters and agree to let APS manage the devices.
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Receive up to $3,750 in incentives by participating

Enroll in the APS Residential Battery Pilot and receive an incentive up to $2,500 for sharing battery performance data. In addition, customers agreeing to participate in events where their battery will send power to the grid will receive $1,250 per home.
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APS Solar Partner

APS Solar Partner was the nation's first utility-owned deployment of residential rooftop solar systems with wireless management of advanced inverters. (This program matured into APS Solar Communities.) It includes battery storage units on distribution feeders in Buckeye and Surprise, where solar penetration is high.
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Our commitment to a 100% clean energy future

Affordable. Reliable. Carbon-free. Our clean energy plan is guided by sound science, prioritizes and protects Arizona’s environment and seeks opportunities to create meaningful economic impact for the long-term.
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APS Sustainable Partners

APS Sustainable Partners provides a pathway for large commercial customers to reach their sustainability goals. Customers offer a fixed premium into APS's procurement of a new renewable resource.
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APS Microgrid Program

Microgrid projects are another way we partner with large customers to meet their energy needs. These small-scale power grids can operate independently or in conjunction with the area's main grid.
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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles, or EVs, lend a hand in helping bring cleaner energy and cleaner air for our state.

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