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Standard residential meter.


Safe meter access
Safe, unassisted access to your electric meter each month ensures we provide you with an accurate reading. More important, it ensures you receive an accurate billing statement.
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Convenience and control

Our standard meter is a sophisticated energy-management tool. It allows you to monitor your home’s energy use. Combined with your aps.com account, your meter will give you all the usage information you need to make informed decisions and have more control over your energy bill.

It also means you’re wired for the future, so new innovations will be easier to add. A standard meter lets you choose your service plan and participate in certain energy efficiency and solar programs, too.

After we install a standard meter, there’s no need for a visit from a meter reader. Everything is done remotely, safely and privately. Our security methods are considered industry best practices and our meters meet all applicable government standards.
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How to read your meter

Learning how to read your meter can help you track your energy usage and manage it more effectively.

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Meter read schedule

Find out when your meter will be read.

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Safe meter access
Safe, unrestricted access to your non-standard meter each month ensures we provide you with an accurate reading and billing statement.
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Requesting a non-standard meter

While the majority of customers have a standard meter, a non-standard meter is available if you so choose. Non-standard meters require a utility worker to physically read the meter, and there is a $50 upfront fee per meter exchange. If you currently have a non-standard meter and replace it with a standard meter, you will not be charged an exchange fee.

A monthly $5 fee will be applied to your bill if you have a non-standard meter. The fee will be waived, however, if you live in a remote location where wireless technology is not available or automated equipment cannot otherwise be used.

Residential customers with solar systems and business customers are not eligible for non-standard meters. If you have a non-standard meter, certain service plans and other programs are not available, and you will not have access to the additional detailed data regarding usage.

To request a non-standard meter, call 602-371-7171 (800-253-9405).
APS employee reading a meter.

Accessing your non-standard meter

Safe, unrestricted access to your non-standard meter each month ensures we provide you with an accurate reading and billing statement. 

Keep your gate unlocked and the gate latch accessible from the front yard. Keep dogs and other pets away from your meter and unlocked breaker panel. And clear the area around your meter of any visual obstructions, including plants, scrap wood, bricks and tools for a minimum of three feet.

If we need to exchange your meter, we will knock on your door to let you know we are there and let you know there will be a brief outage. Once the meter is exchanged, we will check with you again and let you know we are finished. Our employees and contractors wear ID badges, will provide their employee ID number upon your request and will not enter your home.

If you have questions or want to verify an employee’s ID, contact us at 602-371-7171 (800-253-9405).
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