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Electric vehicles, or EVs, contribute to cleaner air for our state. Wherever you are in your EV journey, as someone who already owns an alternative fuel vehicle or someone making the switch, we have a hub of information about EVs and what makes Arizona a great place for our customers to drive electric. As part of our clean energy plan for 2050, we’re here to help you get into gear with convenient and affordable EV ownership.

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Cruise on over to APS Cars Marketplace to compare EVs to gas-powered vehicles and see how you can save.

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EPRI Consumer Guide

Download the PDFs below to learn the about latest technology in the EV industry from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI),or view the live EV consumer guide.

2021 EPRI Consumer Guide
EPRI Guide to EV Charging

What do I need to know to charge my EV?

We have a road map of resources and tools to navigate how to use “electric fuel.”

Diagram of three different electric vehicle charging plugs

Plug Types & Power Levels

The most important thing to learn about EV charging is understanding plug types and power levels (how long charging takes).

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Charging Away from Home

There are many great resources available to see everywhere you can charge across the state and country, including the Chargeway mobile app.

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APS charging station

Take Charge AZ

Our Take Charge AZ program provides EV charging equipment to businesses, government agencies, non-profits and multifamily communities.

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Understanding your plan options with an EV

If you are interested or already own an EV, we want to make sure you have the information you need to pick the right plan for you to plug in and charge up. When adding an EV charger to your home, you will want to make sure you can charge and still save money on ‘fuel’ costs. Either of our time-of-use plans offer low-cost off-peak hours that will provide savings for EV charging after 7pm or before 4pm on weekdays or anytime on the weekend.

Time-of-Use 4pm-7pm Weekdays with Demand Charge – This is a time-of-use plan that has a demand charge. This plan has the lowest off-peak pricing but includes a demand charge for your highest hour of usage during on-peak hours. This plan includes super off-peak hours which provide even lower off-peak energy rates during Winter months (Nov-Apr bills), 10am-3pm weekdays.

Time-of-Use 4pm-7pm Weekdays – This is a time-of-use plan but does not include a demand charge however, the off-peak pricing on this plan is higher than the Time-of-Use 4pm-7pm with Demand Charge plan. This plan includes super off-peak hours which provide even lower off-peak energy rates during Winter months (Nov-Apr bills), 10am-3pm weekdays.
close up view of an EV charge port with woman in foreground

Own an EV?

Join the APS SmartCharge program and help us collect EV data so we can learn more about how our customers plug in and charge up. Plus, earn points that you can cash in for rewards along the way.
upclose view of a an electric vehicle's charge port with a charger plugged in

EV Smart Charger Rebate

Get savings from charging your EV – receive a $250 rebate when you purchase a qualifying Level 2 smart charger.
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Transitioning Your Business Fleet to Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Thinking of converting your fleets to electric? Helping the planet isn't the only benefit your business will see when converting to EVs.

Are you shopping for an EV?

APS and SRP are collaborating with auto dealers around Arizona to make EV shopping easier.

woman using an interactive map

Various auto dealerships around Arizona now have the Chargeway kiosk in their showroom. With the kiosk you can shop across various brands to see where charging options are located for different EVs, learn how to estimate your charging time, plan EV road trips and get information on home charging rebates from APS.

  • Peoria Volkswagen
  • Oxendale Kia
  • Chapman BMW Camelback
  • Porsche North Scottsdale
  • Courtesy Chevrolet
  • Chapman Hyundai
  • Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale
  • Chapman BMW Chandler
  • Courtesy Kia
  • Volvo Cars Gilbert
  • Audi Gilbert
  • Porsche Chandler
The Chargeway kiosks provide:
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Local incentives and rebates
  • Cost of “electric fuel” vs. gas
  • Home-charging options
Download the mobile app to find the nearest charging station, plan your next trip and more.

EVs in APS News

Energizing new developments about EV availability, technology and more.

Close up view of someone plugging in an electric vehicle to a charging station

Considering an electric car? Resources and Reasons to Plug in

Automakers have committed billions of dollars to the development of electric vehicles. This is a great time for consumers to explore the emerging EV landscape.

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chargers with neon lights glowing at night

Supercharged Collaboration with Electrify America and APS

Newly launched Electrify Commercial continues momentum with project to support Take Charge AZ with a total of 20 ultra-fast chargers across the state.

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Person using an electric charger.

Blog Spot: EV Expert

APS and Electrify Commercial are partnering on the first-of-its kind project to jointly develop five high-powered plazas in Arizona.

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View of a valley from high on a mountain

Clean Energy Commitment

Our clean energy plan is guided by sound science and focused on achieving environmental and economic gains—all while maintaining affordable, reliable service.

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