Electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charging.


Electric vehicles, or EVs, lend a hand in helping bring cleaner energy and cleaner air for our state, so we want to focus on making EVs convenient for customers and making Arizona a great place to drive electric.
Chevrolet Volt charging.

Go green for your business

Our Take Charge AZ program provides EV charging equipment to businesses, government agencies, non-profits and multifamily communities.
Electric vehicle being charged.

Pay less than the pump

Any of our Saver Choice time-of-use plans can help you save money when you charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours. For instance, Saver Choice offers super-off-peak pricing during the winter. And Saver Choice Max offers the lowest, year-round off-peak pricing.
Person using an electric charger.

Want to learn more about EVs?

Download the PDFs below to learn the about latest technology in the EV industry from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

2020 EPRI Consumer Guide

EPRI Guide to EV Charging

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