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solar panel
committed to arizona's solar leadership

Since 1954, we have led the advancement of solar energy in Arizona. We believe solar energy should, and will, play a growing role in Arizona’s energy future. As technologies advance, we will continue to add solar-generated power to our energy mix, which will allow all our customers to share in the benefits of clean solar energy. We know how important solar is to our customers and to our state. That’s why we will continue to invest in solar technology to power homes across Arizona.


solar energy

bringing solar to our

through partnerships with customers,
schools and businesses, we're proud
to bring more solar to arizona

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powering arizona with solar

powering arizona with
solar energy

we provide our customers with clean
solar energy from efficient, cost-
effective grid-scale solar plants

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get started with solar

getting started with
solar today

start your interconnection
process and find information
on solar service plans

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