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Whether you’re looking to improve operations or for quick tips to save money, you’ve come to the right place. Our industry-specific guides provide recommendations that will not only lower your monthly bill but improve your workplace environment and customer experience.
office spaces

​An energy efficient office space brings not only reduced energy bills, but also a boost in employee morale.

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grocery and convenience stores

​Whether you’re a grab-n-go corner store or a specialty market, you have many opportunities to reduce your energy use.


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patient care

​Primary care physicians, assisted living homes and other wellness facilities can improve not only the efficiency of their space, but also patient outcomes with simple upgrades.

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hotels and motels

​Being energy efficient doesn’t mean you can’t receive a five-star review on travel sites.



​It is possible to satisfy the most critical foodies and save energy at the same time.

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retail shops

​Even if you aren’t a big box store with a dedicated facilities manager, you can improve the shopping experience and save.

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education facilities
Whether your students are 2 or 18 year old, increasing your facility’s efficiency improves their learning environment and puts money into the classroom.

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