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Cooling accounts for 40% of the energy consumption in the average Arizona home. In summer energy demand can be higher with weather responsible for up to 70% of your electric bill. Reap the benefits of lower cooling bills with our cooling tips.

Arizona winters are comparatively mild, but they can be tough on your electric bill if you haven’t prepared your home. We’ve got tips to help you conserve energy and keep you comfortable.

pool & spa
Your pool may be one of your home’s largest consumers of electricity so it’s important to know how to save energy. Our pool and spa tips will help you keep your pool clean, clear and healthy while saving you money.

water heating
Reduce your hot water use and save on water and energy bills without sacrificing convenience. From installing low flow shower heads to lowering the water temperature, we’ve got tips to save you money and energy.

Major home appliances account for a large portion of your monthly electric bill, so it makes sense to use them efficiently.

Using energy-efficient lighting is an easy, effective way to save energy and reduce your electricity bills. From turning off lights when you leave the room to using energy-efficient CFLs, we’ve got lighting tips to help save you money.

Making smart cooking decisions is an easy way to save energy and make a difference on your bill. We’ve got plenty of tips to help you cook efficiently.