A woman adjusting a wall thermostat in a living room

Save money with a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats can work with your APS plan to maximize comfort and convenience and minimize costs. Using your smartphone or device, you can automatically adjust the thermostat to take advantage of lower-cost off-peak hours. Find instant rebates, discounts, and special offers at APS Marketplace.

Customer using a laptop on the couch sitting next to her dog.

Don't fall victim to a scam

Holiday season is upon us. This time of year is notorious for an increase in efforts from scammers. It’s important to know how to recognize a potential scam, and what to do if you think you have been contacted by a scammer.
Man sitting at the top of the Grand Canyon looking down into the canyon

A sustainable future for Arizona

As Arizona stewards we do what is right for the people and prosperity of our state all year long. Learn more about our vision to create a sustainable energy future for Arizona.
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