Two APS employees talking in front of a Palo Verde containment structure.


As the nation's largest power producer, Palo Verde Generating Station produces more than 80% of Arizona's clean-air energy. It also provides thousands of jobs ranging from engineering to operations that help fuel the local economy.
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Interns standing in front of the Palo Verde nuclear generator.

Nuclear energy Intern & Apprentice Program

Does working in the field of nuclear energy sound exciting? Our Maintenance Apprenticeship program combines technical training at community colleges and paid work experience alongside journeyworkers. Your 4 year apprenticeship will be divided into two six-month periods annually, to provide a comprehensive instructional and training path.

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Palo Verde employee smiling and speaking with a co-worker.

Our Trainee and Legacy programs

Our Auxiliary Operator Trainee and Legacy Engineering Programs combine technical training and hands-on work experience with qualified operators and engineers in all major mechanical, electrical and auxiliary plant equipment outside of the control room.

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