Rate case 2019: serving customers with clean, reliable and affordable energy

Unlike most companies that can set prices for their products, APS is a regulated utility that must file a request with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to open a public process called a rate case. Our 2019 request, submitted at the direction of the ACC, is designed to recover investments we’ve made to our system that is cleaner, better integrated with renewables, and continues to reliably serve the needs of a growing Arizona.


The process

A rate case seeks to balance the needs of customers and the utility. It determines the price customers pay for safe, reliable electricity. It also authorizes the opportunity, but not guarantee, to earn a competitive rate of return to support a financially sound utility, which in turn helps attract more investment into Arizona’s largest energy system. A utility’s request to set new rates undergoes an extensive examination over a period of many months.

October 26-27, 2021
ACC will hear remainder of case (and possibly vote) in open meeting

October 4-6, 2021
ACC heard case in special open meeting

October 4-6, 2021
ACC will hear case (and may vote) in open meeting

September 2021
APS files exceptions to the Recommended Opinion and Order (ROO) - Read opening letter

August 2021
Administrative Law Judge issues ROO

January 2021 - March 2021
Rate case hearing; customer advocates and others participate

July 2020 - February 2021
Public comment meetings October 2019 APS filed rate case request at the direction of the ACC



Reliable power
APS trucks below transmission tower in Arizona landscape.

Infrastructure upgrades

Customers count on us for safe, reliable power, and we’re investing more than $1 billion on average each year to expand and maintain the electric grid.


Clean energy
APS employees walk through solar power plant with Arizona mountains in background.

Supporting renewables

To integrate more solar and meet peak energy needs, we modernized the Ocotillo Power Plant to add flexibility and maintain reliability.

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Cleaner air

Significant improvements to the Four Corners Power Plant are reducing nitrous oxide emissions by nearly 90 percent.

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Woman looking at her laptop on the kitchen table with paperwork.

Cost management

We have a responsibility to operate in the most cost-effective way for customers. That’s why we’re driving to streamline processes and use data to improve efficiency.
Man taking clean laundry out of the dryer.

Fewer fees, simpler bills

Certain fees would be eliminated, such as the start service fee, and stakeholder and customer feedback would help shape an easier-to-understand bill.
Father and son engage in imaginative play with a cardboard box.

Limited-income support

More funding for crisis bill assistance and an easier enrollment process for limited-income programs would extend this support to more customers.

Different plans, different ways to save

Today you have a variety of plans to choose from based on how you use energy. Explore all of your options and find the one that works best for you. Each plan offers ways to save on your energy bill.

Arizona Corporation Commission

The ACC is the body that regulates public utilities in Arizona. On their site, you can view documents related to the rate case using the e-docket function (docket no. E-01345A-19-0236).
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