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make a payment arrangement
Do you​ need more time to make a payment? Your account may be eligible for a payment arrangement. Apply for a payment arrangement online, from our mobile app, or by calling our automated line at 602-371-3644 to determine if your account qualifies.
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past-due payments
Bills are past due 10 business days after the issue date. We’ll assess a 1.5% late fee (18% annually) on charges we don’t receive within 19 business days of your billing date.
avoid service interruption
A payment reminder will appear on your bill if you have a past-due balance. If full payment is still not received by the date indicated on your statement, we may leave an additional notice at your home. If we must do so, a $15 plus tax Field Call Charge will be automatically added to your electric account. Failure to pay your bill by the date on that notice could result in a loss of electric service.
cost to reconnect service
If your service is interrupted for non-payment, you will be required to pay your full account balance and a security deposit before service is restored. We’ll restore power on the next business day after your payment is received. You'll see a Service Establishment Charge of $25 plus tax on your next bill (residential customers).

Same day service for residential customers may be available in some areas for an additional fee of $75 plus tax. Additional reconnect fees may apply depending on how your service was disconnected (padmount, pole/weatherhead, underground, or overhead).   
charge for establishing service
A one-time non-refundable charge of $25 plus taxes will appear on your first month’s bill. It helps offset the costs of turning on service, opening your account, bookkeeping and other service-related expenses.
security deposit
We may require a security deposit when connecting your service. We base the amount on usage from your new address.
We require a security deposit of 2 times your average bill if:
  • your bill payments are late 2 or more times in a 12-month period
  • your service is disconnected for non-payment
Pay your bill on time for 12 consecutive months and get your deposit, with interest, applied to your account. If you disconnect service before your deposit is applied, we’ll credit your final bill.
waiving your deposit
We may be able to waive your deposit if:
  • you’ve been a customer within the past 2 years and established good payment history with us
  • you provide an acceptable letter of credit from your previous electric service provider that shows service was active within the past six months and that you've made timely payments for the most recent 12 months
  • we receive a positive result from an Equifax credit check (with your consent) 

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collection charges
We charge a $15 (plus taxes) collection fee if our representative visits your home to:
  • notify you of service termination
  • terminate service
establishing good credit
You’re establishing a good credit rating every month you pay your bill on time.
a good credit rating helps you 
service disconnected?
​Having your service reconnected after being disconnected for non-payment?
We ask you to pay:
  • your total past due balance
  • a new deposit of 2 times the average bill
  • a reconnection charge
We’ll restore service the next business day after receiving your full payment and deposit (if applicable).
reconnection fees
If you don’t pay a past-due bill and we must turn off your service, we charge a service fee to reconnect service.
To reconnect service:
  • pay the total past due balance
  • pay a new security deposit of 2 times the average bill
  • pay a reconnection charge of  $25 to $125, plus taxes and fees
We’ll restore service the next business day after receiving payment and deposit (if applicable).
returned checks
  • $15 fee applies to each returned check
  • pay the amount of the returned check with cash, a cashier’s check or a money order
  • 2 or more returned checks within 12 months requires payment by cash, money order or cashier’s check for 12 months


did you know?

Y​ou can manage your payments with reminders when payment is due, and confirmation when your payment is received. You can also get notifications when usage reaches your designated​​ threshold.


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