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When you set up your account with AutoPay, you can conveniently pay your bill every month without ever having to lift a finger. After all, you probably have other things you’d like to do with your time.
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Things to know before you enroll:
  • We'll automatically deduct your monthly payment from your bank account on your due date - and send you an email with the amount and date in advance.
  • You’ll be able to find a copy of your current and previous bills on your accounts page if you want to view or print them.
  • You can update your bank account information online anytime.
  • Should the need arise, you can use our “pause” feature to stop the AutoPay withdrawal up to 24 hours before the due date, but then you must choose another method of payment.
  • If you have more than one account, you'll need to sign up for each account that you want on AutoPay individually.

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Pay your bill when it works best for you

Want AutoPay to make your payment on a specific day of the month? Setting up a Preferred Due Date will help make your life even easier.
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Automatic payments take one more thing off your plate
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