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reliable service
​Every day, you plug in and power up. And we’re on the job 24/7 helping you stay connected to what matters most at home, play and work. Others count on you – you can count on us for safe, clean and reliable energy.
​So, go ahead and plug in; we’re here working to keep Arizona on.​​  
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more choices
Keeping Arizona on means giving customers more choices on how to use, save and manage energy. From service plans that work with technology to time-of-use plans, customers now have more options.

  • Time-of-use plans reward customers with lower rates during off-peak hours.
  • Home technologies, like smart thermostats, work with the new plans and give customers more ways to be energy efficient.
  • ​Saver Choice Max plans offer the most ways to control energy use and save.​

clean energy
Keeping Arizona on means being ready for today and preparing for how we will use and deliver energy tomorrow. Solar, wind, and geothermal are just some of the ways we’re working to power Arizona’s clean energy future. 
  • The APS Solar Communities program brings more rooftop solar to limited- and moderate-income customers.  
  • Modernization projects at the Four Corners and Ocotillo power plants help reduce emissions.  
  • ​Continued investment in Palo Verde Generating Station assures it remains Arizona’s top provider of clean-air energy.    
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advanced technology
Keeping Arizona on means investing in grid upgrades and advanced technology to keep power reliable to serve our customers’ needs. 

  • Advanced technology helps predict, detect and resolve issues sooner to avoid outages.
  • Industry-leading battery storage projects used in new and innovative ways to provide reliable power.
  • ​Grid updates work with new home technologies, so customers can monitor energy use and save money.​

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