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We know you have plenty of bills to juggle, so we’ve made it easy to create payments that align with your schedule. Just tell us the date you’d like to pay your energy bill each month, and we’ll make it happen.
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Preferred Due Date 101


How it Works

Simply tell us the due date that works best for you. Then, your new due date will go into effect during next month’s billing period.

Depending on the date you choose, the first billing period may be longer or shorter than usual.

If your due date falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be moved to the next business day.

You can change your Preferred Due Date once every 12 months.

Am I Eligible for Preferred Due Date?

To qualify for Preferred Due Date, you must:
  • Have an AMI Meter at your service location
  • Ensure your account is not summary billed (i.e., multiple service locations are listed under one bill)
  • Have not changed your Preferred Due Date within 12 months

How to Enroll

  • Select the Enroll Now button. You will be prompted to sign in if needed.
  • Then, scroll to the “Preferred Due Date” card, choose your Preferred Due Date and click “Update.”
  • You’ll know you’ve enrolled successfully when you see a green confirmation bar at the top of your screen.

If you need further assistance, call us at (602) 371-3663 (metro Phoenix) or (855) 371-3663 (other areas). We’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Pair Preferred Due Date with Other Time-Saving Programs

Make It Automatic with AutoPay & Preferred Due Date

When you double up your time savings with AutoPay and Preferred Due Date, we’ll automatically withdraw your payments on your preferred due date each month.

Get More Predictable Payments with Budget Billing

Budget Billing averages your recent monthly bills to create one predictable payment amount that evens out the seasonal highs and lows of your energy usage.
Choose Your Preferred Due Date
Let us know which due date best suits your payment schedule.
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