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Technology is cool. Especially when you play a role to help conserve energy during the times that usage is at its highest with our Cool Rewards program. When you sign up you can get up to $75 in bill credits the first year you are enrolled. Find discounts on smart thermostats at APS Marketplace and enroll in Cool Rewards today.

Program Overview

Every summer, June 1 through September 30, there will be up to 20 Cool Rewards events. Here are some other things to know about how an event will work:

  • Prior to an event, we will email you to let you know an event is coming. Plus, the day of an event we will remind you that the event is about to occur. You will also be notified by thermostat manufacturer just prior to an event.
  • Your smart thermostat manufacturer they may lower your thermostat(s) temperature a few degrees to pre-cool your home to keep you comfortable during the event or you may pre-cool your home yourself. Check with your manufacturer (see chart below) to see if they will pre-cool your home.
  • During an event, your thermostat manufacturer will raise your thermostat(s) temperature a few degrees above your set temperature for 2-3 hours. Remember, you can always raise your thermostat(s) at any time during an event.
  • After an event, your thermostat(s) will return to your original setting or schedule.

What you get for participating in Cool Rewards

$50 One-Time Enrollment Credit:

  • If you purchased your smart thermostat from the APS Marketplace, you received your one-time enrollment $50 credit at the time of purchase.
  • If you purchased your smart thermostat elsewhere, when you are enrolled and accepted in the program, you will receive the one-time $50 enrollment bill credit per thermostat within one to two billing cycles.
  • Up to three credits are available per APS account.

$25 Annual Participation Credit:

  • If you purchased your smart thermostat from the APS Marketplace, you received your $25 annual participation credit at the time of purchase.
  • If you purchased your smart thermostat elsewhere, if you enroll during event season (June 1 – September 30) you will receive your first participation $25 bill credit in the current season. If you enroll after the event season ends (October 1 – May 30) you will receive the first participation bill credit during the next event season.
  • After the first season, you will receive the $25 participation bill credit annually, as long as you are enrolled in the program, and it is available.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs. Or Or watch our helpful videos that answer commonly asked questions.

Cool Rewards Event Details

Our Cool Rewards program is a demand response program, DR for short, that helps to manage energy use when energy demand is high, typically on very hot days. We have partnered with seven well-known smart thermostat manufacturers and each may name the program and mange it differently, but they all help us to manage energy use.

  • infographic chart of manufacturer events
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