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small business
Small businesses can realize big savings on energy costs with simple energy efficiency measures - and our rebates make it even easier.

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government & nonprofit
Lighting upgrades are a simple, cost-effective way for government and nonprofits to manage energy use and save money.

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For most schools in Arizona, energy costs are second only to salaries. Your college, university or K-12 school can quickly reduce energy costs with some simple upgrades. We can help.

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We offer rebates to help store owners and operators lower costs with simple upgrades to lighting, refrigeration and more.

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Healthcare facilities can substantially reduce energy use with simple energy-saving projects and strategies – along with associated rebates from APS.

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​​​Save money on energy-saving measures that also increase the comfort of your guests.

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We offer valuable rebates for industrial equipment upgrades that yield substantial energy-cost savings.

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The APS Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program provides resources and rebates to retrofit the units and common areas of your multifamily building.

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Electricity costs are a controllable operating expense for most office buildings. We can help you cut costs to begin saving money right away.
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​​​Don’t wait to cut the energy cost for your restaurant. Our strategies and rebates can help improve your restaurant’s bottom line right away and for ​the long term. 

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Upgrades to lighting can help you save money and improve the aesthetic appeal of your store. Our rebates can help.

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water & wastewater plants
To help you achieve significant energy savings, our prescriptive and custom rebates can reduce the upfront cost of improvements to your pumps and blower systems.

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