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understanding your bill

updating your mailing address

​Keeping your mailing address up to date helps us make sure that you receive your statements and other important information.

how to update your mailing address
  • an authorized party may request the update by calling 602-371-6767 (Phoenix area) or 800-253-9407 (other areas)
  • an authorized party may submit an address update by email to
  • a signed, written request can be sent on company letterhead to PO Box 53933, Phoenix, AZ 85072-3933, MS 2265
  • login with your username and password and updating your mailing address from the manage profile page located under “my profile & preferences”
charge for establishing service
​A one-time non-refundable charge of $35 plus taxes will appear on your first month’s bill. It helps offset the costs of turning on service, opening your account, bookkeeping and other service-related expenses.
past-due payments

​Bills are past due 10 business days after the issue date. We’ll assess a 1.5% late fee (18% annually) on charges we don’t receive within 19 business days of your billing date.

If you are unable to pay your bill by the due date, call us at 602-371-6767 (Phoenix area) or 800-253-9407 (outside Phoenix). Without acceptable arrangements or payment, your service will be disconnected until we receive payment.


establish/maintain good credit
​You’re establishing a good credit rating every month you pay your bill on time. With good credit, we don’t require a deposit to transfer or re-establish your business’s service.
We may require a security deposit when connecting your service. The deposit will be 2.5 times your business’ estimated maximum monthly billing.
If you paid a deposit, your account will be reviewed after 24 months. You may be eligible for a refund of some (or all) of your deposit. The amount will be based on the financial condition of your business and any past-due payments.
We may require an additional security deposit:

  • after one late payment in a 12-month period
  • your service is disconnected for non-payment
Deposit is required prior to connecting service.
business deposit options
We accept four forms of security deposits. Non-monetary options require special documents and preparation time. If you’re unable to apply for service far enough in advance to complete the required documents, you may submit a cash deposit that will be refunded when we receive the non-monetary document.
surety bond
  • use the APS bond form to complete your paperwork
  • call 602-371-6767 to have the form prepared and faxed or emailed
  • submit the form to your insurance agency, along with financial information
  • completed bond requires a power of attorney signed by the officer/owner/general partner/manager of the business applying for service
irrevocable letter of credit
  • use the form provided by a local FDIC-insured bank
  • bank may call 602-371-6767 for clarification
  • original letter is required prior to connecting service
assignment of monies
  • liquid assets  (i.e. savings account or CD) are held in a local FDIC-insured bank
  • call 602-371-6767 to have the form prepared
  • provide the names of your bank and the account holder
  • our representative signs the form and mails it to you
  • account holder signs the form and the bank completes it
  • original form is required prior to connecting service
To expedite the process, visit an APS office for assistance preparing the form.
When you complete your application for service, our representative will assign a deposit account number. If you apply online, you’ll receive your deposit account number in a confirmation email.
Pay the deposit:
by phone at 602-371-6767 by check or credit card 

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service disconnected?
Having your service reconnected after being disconnected for non-payment? Find out how to have your service reconnected.
​we'll ask you to pay:
  • your total bill
  • a new deposit of two times the average bill
  • a reconnection charge
We’ll restore service the next business day after receiving your full payment and deposit (if applicable).
collection charges
We charge a $15 (plus taxes) collection fee if our representative visits your business to:
  • accept a past-due payment
  • notify you of pending service disconnection for non-payment
reconnection fees
If you don’t pay a past-due bill and we must turn off your service, we charge a service fee to reconnect service.
We’ll restore service the next business day after receiving your full payment, a deposit (if applicable) and a reconnection charge.

returned checks
  • $15 fee applies to each returned check
  • redeem check with cash, cashier’s check or money order
  • two or more returned checks within 12 months requires payment by cash, money order or cashier’s check for 12 months
billing questions?
Call us at 602-371-6767 (Phoenix area) or 800-253-9407 (outside Phoenix).

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paperless billing

​S​​igning up for paperless billing is quick and easy. Instead of a paper bill, we’ll send you a monthly email letting you know your bill is ready to view online.


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