Rate Case Update

In June, APS filed a notice of intent with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) indicating that we plan to file a request for new rates to take effect in late 2023. This is the first step in a public, collaborative process that typically takes about a year.

The rate case is focused on meeting the needs of our customers by:

  • ensuring reliability and resilience
  • creating a cleaner, more secure energy supply
  • improving the customer experience

More information will be available here when we file in late October. You can also find documents related to this rate case on the ACC’s website (docket #E-01345A-22-0144).


Frequently asked questions


Unlike most companies that can set prices for their products, APS is a regulated utility that must file a request with the ACC to open a public process called a rate case. Utilities typically file such a request every few years to recover costs the company has invested into the business.


It generally takes about a year to process a rate case, depending upon the complexity of the issues and number of participants.

1. APS files a notice of intent (NOI) to file a rate case.
2. APS files its rate case, which includes details of its request.
3. Participants and ACC staff have an opportunity to provide testimony.
4. Public is invited to provide comment on the proceeding.
5. ACC administrative law judge (ALJ) hears the case.
6. ALJ issues a recommended opinion and order (ROO).
7. Commissioners hold an open meeting to discuss and vote on the ROO.


We take great pride in delivering safe, reliable, and increasingly clean energy to our more than 1.3 million customers across Arizona. Current rates do not reflect the cost to serve customers. It is important to file a rate case now to maintain the reliable service our customers have come to expect and keep up with Arizona’s growth.


Our focus is to improve the resiliency of Arizona’s electricity infrastructure, create a cleaner and more secure energy supply, and support continuous improvements in meeting the needs of our customers. We are still in the process of finalizing the request, which will be publicly available after we file in late October, so stay tuned for additional information.
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