The Saver Choice Plus plan was retired or “frozen” effective December 1, 2021, and is not part of our updated rate plan menu. This means customers already on Saver Choice Plus can remain on the plan, while new customers or those looking to change plans will choose from other options available at aps.com/plans.

You have options
If you already are on Saver Choice Plus, you can stay on the plan as long as you’d like. Or you can select a new plan from our current, improved rate plan options. The most similar plan to Saver Choice Plus is Time-of-Use 4pm-7pm Weekdays with Demand Charge. See how they compare:

Saver Choice Plus

  • Blue check mark Lower demand charge
  • Blue check mark Higher energy charges
  • Blue check mark On-peak hours: 3pm-8pm weekdays
  • Blue check mark No winter super off-peak pricing
  • Blue check mark Will not have access to the online rate comparison tool

Time-of-Use 4pm-7pm Weekdays with Demand Charge

  • Blue check mark Higher demand charge
  • Blue check mark Lower energy charges and basic service charge
  • Blue check mark On-peak hours: 4pm-7pm weekdays
  • Blue check mark Winter super off-peak pricing 10am-3pm weekdays (Nov-Apr billing cycles)

If you decide to change plans
If you are on Saver Choice Plus and choose to move to an updated rate plan, you will gain access to two helpful tools starting at least three months after you transition to your new plan:
  • Information on your monthly bill about whether you could have saved money on a different plan, based on your past energy usage
  • If you register your account on aps.com, you can use our free online rate comparison tool to compare plans at any time
  • If you change to another plan and want to switch again later, Saver Choice Plus will not be among the plans you may select going forward

Here’s how the Saver Choice Plus plan works:
On this plan, your monthly energy charge is based on the time of day and/or day of the week when you use energy, plus a monthly demand charge for your highest hour of usage during on-peak hours, 3pm–8pm weekdays.

  • This plan has different on-peak rates for summer months (May–Oct billing cycles) and winter months (Nov–Apr billing cycles).
  • This plan also has lower off-peak energy rates on weekends and holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Juneteenth, Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples' Day/Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, the Friday before will be off-peak. If it falls on a Sunday, the Monday after will be off-peak. In years when Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve fall on a weekday, they will also be off-peak holidays. (Weekends are always off-peak.)
  • This plan also has a monthly demand charge for the highest hour of usage during on-peak hours, 3pm-8pm weekdays.
  • A demand limiter feature automatically lowers the amount you are charged for demand when a rare, unusual spike in your use occurs during on-peak hours, 3pm-8pm weekdays.

  • Summer Rates

    Saver Choice Plus summer rates infographic
  • Winter Rates

    Saver Choice Plus winter rates infographic

Ways you could save money on this plan:
You can save money on this plan by shifting more of your energy use to lower-cost off-peak hours and staggering the use of major appliances like the washer & dryer, dishwasher and oven during higher-cost on-peak hours, between 3pm–8pm weekdays. Avoid using some major appliances during higher-cost on-peak hours and if you do use some of these appliances during on-peak hours, try not to run them at the same time.

  • Do your laundry after 8pm weekdays or on weekends.
  • Use the delay setting on your dishwasher to run after 8pm weekdays.
  • Pre-cool or pre-heat your home during lower-cost off-peak hours before 3pm, weekdays. 

For additional cost-saving tips and tools, visit aps.com/save.

  • Do: Save the most by shifting some electricity use to lower-cost hours, before 3pm or after 8pm weekdays. If you use major appliances during higher-cost on-peak hours, between 3pm and 8pm weekdays, stagger usage across hours.
  • Don’t: Stack your usage all at once during on-peak hours, between 3pm and 8pm weekdays; this will increase your demand charge.

Why was Saver Choice Plus retired?
Saver Choice Plus was one of two demand plan options. Our customers told us we had too many plans, so we simplified the options. We kept the demand rate that had more customers and resulted in greater customer saving – that is now called the Time-of-Use 4pm-7pm Weekdays with Demand Charge plan.

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