Customers can kick-start savings goals on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

APS offers energy efficiency tips, service plan options, assistance programs

Looking to save more money in the new year? National Cut Your Energy Costs Day on Jan. 10 can help kick-start your 2022 savings goals. Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) encourages customers to explore easy energy-saving options to save money year-round.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates the typical household can save 25% on utility bills with energy efficiency measures, which amounts to over $2,200 annually.

Here are ways customers can start saving energy and money today:

  • Make simple adjustments at home– Wash clothes in cold water. Heating water accounts for up to 90% of energy needed to run your washing machine. Dry your laundry loads back-to-back while your dryer is still warmed up. Consider using smaller cooking appliances that use less energy when preparing your meals. Unplug electric devices when they are not in use.

  • Install a smart thermostat – Customers can set it and forget it while saving money year-round with a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts their heating and cooling settings. APS customers can enroll in APS Cool Rewards to receive instant rebates on the latest thermostats by reducing energy when overall demand for electricity is highest. Visit the APS Marketplace to take advantage of these exclusive rebates and discounts on qualifying thermostat models.

  • Switch to LED light bulbs – LEDs consume up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, last up to 25 times longer and emit less heat. While supplies last, APS customers can receive one free LED starter kit per customer account at APS Marketplace.

  • Schedule maintenance checkups – Take advantage of the cooler months in Arizona to schedule maintenance checkups on appliances such as AC units and pool pumps to make sure they run as efficiently as possible before you need them most.

  • Take advantage of our free Virtual Energy Checkup – APS energy efficiency advisors will walk customers through a personalized virtual tour of their own homes giving tips on how and where to save energy and money. Customers can schedule a free consultation online at apsvirtualsolutions.com or by calling (888) 663-2734.

  • Create an online home energy profile – In less than five minutes, customers can complete an online survey to see how efficient their home is and get potential savings estimates and energy conservation recommendations that fit their lifestyle. Visit aps.com/ea.

In addition to offering savings tips, APS recently implemented simpler service plans offering more choice and flexibility. Customers can choose between a fixed charge plan or a time-of-use plan and switch at any time, no matter how much energy is used each month. Customers also have more time to pay their monthly bills and for customers on time-of-use plans, APS offers two additional off-peak holidays.

For customers looking for more predictable bills throughout the year, Budget Billing is an option that evens out the seasonal highs and lows on energy bills so payments are about the same every month. More predictable bills make it easier to plan ahead. See what your monthly payment would be if you enrolled in Budget Billing today.

For those who may be struggling to pay their bills, APS offers a variety of customer assistance programs, including flexible payment arrangements, monthly discounts for qualified customers and more support is available for customers facing a financial hardship due to a crisis.

To explore resources, visit aps.com/support or contact the APS Customer Care Center. Advisors are available to assist in English and Spanish 24/7 at 602-371-7171 (800-253-9405).

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APS serves more than 1.3 million homes and businesses in 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties, and is a leader in delivering affordable, clean and reliable energy in the Southwest. The company is committed to serving customers with 100% clean power by 2050. As owner and operator of Palo Verde Generating Station, the nation’s largest producer of carbon-free electricity, and with one of the country’s most substantial renewable energy portfolios, APS’s current energy mix is 50% clean. With headquarters in Phoenix, APS is the principal subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital Corp. (NYSE: PNW).

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