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Energy storage is a critical component of Arizona’s clean energy future. Energy storage systems capture solar energy when the sun is shining bright for use after sunset to meet customers’ needs. Our customers now benefit from the integration of large-scale battery energy storage systems connected to APS solar power plants.

Energy Storage Benefits

  • Energy storage supports reliability and resilience of our system, especially during times of peak demand.
  • Energy storage maximizes renewable resources and allows them to work alongside other critical resources, such as natural gas.
  • Batteries create more flexibility by absorbing energy during the daytime when there is an abundance of solar production and customer energy use is lower. Then, we can release this stored energy when customers need it most.
  • Our energy storage strategy is vital to transitioning to a cleaner energy future, integrating more renewables into APS’s diverse energy mix and serving customers with 100% clean, carbon-free energy by 2050.

"When families are making dinner or watching TV in the evening, they need the lights to be on and the air conditioner running. Solar after sunset provides another critical energy resource when our customers need it most – especially during our hot summer months."
- Ben Cluff, APS Director of Renewable Generation

Panels from the Desert Star Solar plant

Powering Arizona

Nine storage systems provide about 200 megawatts (MW) of power, enough to serve 32,000 Arizona homes for three to four hours. Additional energy storage systems are planned in the coming years.
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Reliable, affordable clean

Technological advances make energy storage a viable option to maximize the use of renewable energy and enhance reliability at times when customers need it most, especially during the hot summer months when energy use soars.
Home battery management

Partnering with customers

In the APS Residential Battery Pilot, we are working with customers to learn how customer-owned battery storage technology can be integrated with the grid to deliver customer value and strengthen system reliability. Participating customers receive incentives for installing battery systems in their homes and sharing information about how those systems perform.
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Focus on safety

Our energy storage facilities are built and activated with safety top of mind – the safety of the public, first responders and employees. We work closely and collaboratively with first responders, utilities, industry partners and developers to share safety information, best practices and ongoing education and training.
Chevelon Butte wind farm project

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Agave Solar Plant aerial

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Clean energy

We committed to delivering 100% clean and carbon-free energy by 2050 while maintaining reliability and affordability for customers. Our pathway to a clean energy future includes increasing renewable energy resources, investing in energy storage, working with customers to manage their energy use, and generating clean, carbon-free energy from Palo Verde Generating Station, the nation’s largest single source of electricity.
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