Nuclear Generation

Palo Verde employees standing in front of a containment structure.


Palo Verde Generating Station has been the nation’s largest power producer of any kind for more than 25 years – all of it clean and carbon-free. As the heart of the APS generation fleet, it provides the foundation for the reliable service our customers know they can count on.

The plant is a critical asset to the Southwest, generating more than 32 million megawatt-hours annually – enough power for more than 4 million people.
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Palo Verde containment structure with sprinklers and pool.

Clean Air and Environment

  • Palo Verde is the nation’s largest source of clean-air energy.
  • APS and Palo Verde deliver an energy mix that is 50% clean.
  • As the nation’s only nuclear plant not located on a body of water, every year, Palo Verde recycles more than 20 billion gallons of wastewater from surrounding municipalities to cool the plant.
Three employees operating computer system

Economic Impact

  • Palo Verde provides an annual economic impact of more than $2 billion through taxes, salaries, material and service purchases, and more.
  • Palo Verde is the largest single commercial taxpayer in Arizona.
  • The plant has 2,500 full-time employees. An additional 900 to 1,000 contractors are employed twice yearly during month-long planned refueling and maintenance outages.
  • Palo Verde purchases $130 million in products and services from more than 1,200 Arizona businesses every year.
Workers in a turbine generator.

Technology and Innovation

  • FLEX equipment that can work at plants around the nation provides an additional layer of safety in the event of a natural or other disaster.
  • The use of robotics including drones to inspect equipment and to diagnose and repair problems boosts employee safety, and saves time and money – which translates into customer savings.
  • Palo Verde operators are participating in a pilot program with Idaho National Labs to develop the “control room of the future,” exploring the use of modern technologies, such as touch screens, to maximize efficiencies.
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Community Involvement

  • Palo Verde employees donate approximately $1 million each year to local charities.
  • In partnership with Estrella Mountain Community College and a local technical education high school district, Palo Verde helped establish West-MEC Southwest, a first-of-its-kind campus that provides training and education for a new generation of utility workers – nuclear plant workers in particular.
  • 1 in 3 Palo Verde employees is a veteran.
Clean Energy
We’ve set a bold goal to provide entirely clean, carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050.
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