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Buying a new home with built-in energy efficiency not only gives you control over your energy, but helps saves money on energy bills, too.

Owning an Energy-Efficient Home Has its Advantages

An APS ENERGY STAR® home is at least 20% more energy- efficient than a typical new home. That can add up to a lot of savings every month. Not to mention the increased comfort, better indoor air quality, reduced noise and improved durability you’ll get to live with every day.



High-tech windows that look after you
Energy-efficient windows in an APS ENERGY STAR® Home lets in plenty of natural light, but also minimize the sun’s heat while blocking 90% of harmful UV rays to help protect carpets and fabrics. Features include low-E coated glass, advanced window frames and proper flashing, weather stripping and window finish details.


Plug into savings with energy-saving appliances
ENERGY STAR® appliances and lighting help reduce utility bills without sacrificing comfort or convenience. While they might cost slightly more than their conventional counterparts, you’ll quickly see the savings from increased efficiency and performance. Qualified products typically use up to 75% less energy and feature extended warranties.

Clean Air

Clean air indoors is a breath of fresh air
An APS ENERGY STAR® Home helps you breathe easier with a ventilation system specially designed to draw in, filter and distribute fresh outdoor air evenly throughout every room. So you and your family can take comfort knowing that the air inside your home is clean and healthy


Insulate yourself from outside temperatures
Properly installed insulation in an APS ENERGY STAR® Home helps the HVAC system work more efficiently and keep inside temperatures even and comfortable, no matter what the weather is outside. In addition to blanketing the entire home with insulation, all gaps and voids are filled before drywall is installed and ductwork is carefully sealed.
Try our Easy Energy Analyzer
Get an energy-savings report that’s customized for your home with useful tips.


Join the ENERGY STAR® Homes Program for Builders
By participating in our APS ENERGY STAR® Homes Program as a certified builder, you can make your homes more desirable to customers, increase your market share, and earn financial incentives and more.


Efficient Practices Help Build Your Business
Take advantage of the APS ENERGY STAR® Homes Program. It is available to home builders that produce five or more homes per year and offers numerous benefits, such as:
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Incentives are available up to $990 per home. All participating homes must be certified ENERGY STAR® to receive incentives.  Builder Incentive List includes:
    • ENERGY STAR® Home Certification - $200 Dual Fuel/$270 All Electric
    • Smart Thermostat (up to 3) - $30 for each
    • Electric Vehicle Circuit Prewire - $100 for each circuit
    • WiFi Connected Electric Water Heater (up to 2) - $200 for each
    • Locating Ducts in Conditioned Space - $200
  • Sales and technical training
  • Advertising and marketing materials

Here’s How to Get Started



Contact APS

Reach out to a member of our program team for information or to receive assistance.

Cristen Burrell
APS ENERGY STAR New Homes Builder Representative

Chris Baggett
APS ENERGY STAR New Homes Program Manager


Contact HERS


Contact a HERS provider to determine if your new home construction plans comply with ENERGY STAR® standards. In addition to helping you meet the current requirements and determine individual plan scores, the HERS provider will provide EPA inspection services.

You can locate additional certified independent HERS providers through the National Registry of Accredited Rating Providers.



Complete Forms

Complete the EPA Online Partnership Agreement and the APS ENERGY STAR® Homes Builder Information Form.


Receive Incentive

Your HERS provider will verify compliance and you’ll receive an incentive check.

ENERGY STAR® is a federal government-backed program that helps protect the environment through energy efficiency. Learn more at energystar.gov.

HERS Rating Provider Contacts

The following HERS Rating Providers have experience with our requirements for our APS ENERGY STAR® Homes Program:


Thomas Cochran

tcochran@arcxis.com arrow dropdown

Best Energy Rating & Consulting

Michael Bestenlehner

mbest@bestenergyrating.com arrow dropdown

Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc.

Michael Quaid

mquaid@burgess-inc.com arrow dropdown

E3 Energy, LLC

Justin Erickson

justin@e3energyllc.com arrow dropdown

Evo Energy Solutions

Trevor Mills

evoenergysolutions@gmail.com arrow dropdown

JKP Energy Inspections, LLC

Katie Johnson

Katie@jkpenergy.com arrow dropdown

Quality Built

Steven Hargis

shargis@qualitybuilt.com arrow dropdown


Anesha Grant

Anesha.grant@strandae.com arrow dropdown

Top Build

Scott Haugen

Scott.haugen@topbuild.com arrow dropdown

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