Safety for contractors

Construction worker talking on her phone at a construction site.
Two construction workers installing a cement boarder.

Staying safe before you break ground

They might be a lot to think about and remember, but following these excavation and boring guidelines can help protect you and your crew on the job.

Construction excavator on a pile of dirt.

Know the Arizona 811 Center laws when you dig

Arizona 811 Center laws require all entities to notify the Arizona 811 Center two working days prior to opening an excavation or otherwise digging so that all underground public utilities can be properly located and marked.

Maintaining your distance from overhead power lines

Generally, the type of work being performed dictates the rules governing the safe distance to an overhead power line or electrical equipment. The two specific types are work involving non-qualified electrical workers, people, materials, and non-crane equipment, and work involving cranes and derricks. For both, the safe working distances, also known as minimum approach distances, for overhead electrical lines and equipment are somewhat complex. Please refer to the regulating authority if you have any questions or confusion. You may also contact the APS Public Safety Department at 602-250-3418 or contact publicsafety@apsc.com for clarification.

Cranes and derricks

Operations near power lines have special requirements

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OSHA regulations

Power Line Safety Requirements

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Specialized Safety Tips

Farm equipment

Precautions with farm equipment around energy

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Lift rental companies

Safety recommendations for lift rental companies

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Oversize loads

Contact us when transporting oversize loads

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Sign installation and maintenance

Take care with sign installation and maintenance

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