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Energy resources



You flick a switch and the light comes on. But where does the energy that powers it come from and why is that important? 
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 Our resources

If you’re one of our customers, your energy comes from a diverse mixture of resources that includes nuclear, natural gas, energy efficiency, plus solar and other renewables. That’s significant for a couple of reasons. A diverse energy mix helps us meet Arizona’s energy needs reliably and affordably. And 50% of our energy mix comes from carbon-free resources, helping us create a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.
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Solar energy shines bright for Arizona

Having solar as part of our energy mix ensures all of Arizona will benefit from this abundant source of clean, renewable energy. Along with 10 large-scale solar facilities across the state, our groundbreaking rooftop solar initiatives such as the Solar Communities program, Solar Partner program and Solar Innovation Study are increasing the number of people harnessing the power of the sun. We are also working to pair solar with battery storage to capture and deliver more clean energy to customers.
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Solar Communities Program

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Solar Partner Program

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Solar panel on a rooftop against a blue sky.

Solar Innovation Study

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Punkin Center battery storage facility at night.

Putting Solar to Work after Sunset

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Palo Verde employees standing in front of a containment structure.

Powering ahead with nuclear energy

Palo Verde Generating Station is the nation’s largest energy producer and provides clean-air energy to more than 4 million people across the Southwest. Palo Verde also helps protect Arizona’s fragile desert environment, displacing carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to more than 4 million cars driven for a year and recycling wastewater from local towns and cities to meet its cooling needs.

Energy storage

 Innovation through  energy storage
Advancements in battery technology are helping us maximize use of solar energy, enhance reliability and maintain power quality for our customers. We are studying a wide range of battery storage, from wall-mounted batteries in customer homes to trailer-sized systems that serve remote communities and neighborhoods with abundant rooftop solar.


 Microgrids have your back
So what’s a microgrid? Simply, it’s a small-scale system that can provide 100% backup power for a customer during storms or outages and also feed energy to the grid for more customers when they need it most. Microgrids help us manage the energy grid more effectively and deliver greater reliability for our customers. Microgrids are a good option for customers like military bases, data centers and hospitals while also benefiting all customers.

Smarter grid

 Creating a smarter grid
Innovations and emerging technologies are adding intelligent capabilities to the grid. From “self-healing” power lines that reduce the number of customers affected by outages to an automated system that proactively monitors transformer health in near real-time to sophisticated software that provides an interactive map of our entire system, new advancements are helping us operate more efficiently and reliably. Not to mention creating long-term savings for you.

Electric vehicles

 Plugging in to the benefits of electric vehicles
Thousands of our customers across Arizona already own electric vehicles (EVs), and interest is growing for more on the roads. EVs are good for the environment, save customers money and keep energy dollars in Arizona. We are enabling the growth of EVs in Arizona by making charging more accessible and offering service plans that can benefit customers with EVs.
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Natural gas is flexible, supports renewables

As part of our energy mix, natural gas is reliable, less costly and produces fewer emissions than other fossil fuel energy sources. Its flexibility enhances the integration of growing solar resources, maintaining reliability when the sun isn’t shining. We have seven natural gas plants, including our modernized Ocotillo facility in Tempe.
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Coal’s role shrinks, still reliable, affordable

Coal plays a smaller part in our energy mix today, but it’s still important to powering our communities reliably and affordably. We’ve closed several older coal units, significantly reducing overall emissions. Modernizations and emission reductions at our existing plants are also helping to improve their environmental performance.
Wind turbines against a blue sky and snowy mountains.

More renewables for more power

From solar and wind to geothermal, biogas and biomass, a range of renewable energy resources are creating power for Arizona. Today, these resources produce enough power to meet the needs of 400,000 customers while contributing to a cleaner environment.
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