New year, new ways to save energy and money

By Kerri Carnes, Director of Customer Technology


Three ways to tap into tax credits to go green and save green!


If you’ve ever thought about looking into an electric vehicle, going solar or cutting energy costs, 2023 may be the year to do it!


Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Americans who qualify could save energy and money with new tax credits.


What is the Inflation Reduction Act?


In 2022, Congress approved legislation aimed at curbing inflation. It also includes incentives for households across the country to conserve energy, support green power, and protect the environment.


So, how could you benefit? This resource outlines how tax credits could work for you. Read on for three ways APS can help you manage your energy use and save money.


Drive toward cleaner air.


Electric vehicles, or EVs, promote cleaner air in our state. The Inflation Reduction Act includes thousands of dollars in tax credits toward the purchase of qualifying, new EVs and previously owned EVs that meet specific vehicle and income requirements. In addition to making the purchase of EVs more accessible, the IRA also provides tax credits for EV chargers in some homes.


APS offers a $250 rebate when you purchase a qualifying Level 2 smart charger. Whether you already have an EV or are considering one, we have resources to help you plug in at aps.com/evs.


Go solar.


With nearly 300 sunny days each year, energy customers are transforming Arizona’s abundant sunshine into a renewable energy source that powers an increasing number of homes and businesses across the state.  Going solar can help the environment and reduce your energy bill.


It’s also a big decision.


The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits toward the installation of residential solar. If you’re considering installing a solar system, our SolarSmart tool can help you determine if solar is right for you.  And if it is, we’re here to help you every step along the way in your solar journey: aps.com/solar.


Tap into energy efficiency at home.


If you’re not ready to make the switch to an electric car or rooftop solar, or they’re not the best options for your lifestyle, there are other ways to benefit from the IRA. You can earn credits for making energy efficiency upgrades around your house to save energy and money. These efficiency improvements include home energy audits, upgraded windows, doors and insulation, and more efficient heating and cooling appliances like heat pumps, central air conditioners and water heaters.


On the APS Marketplace, you’ll find the latest in smart home energy products and appliances and get access to special rebates and discounts: marketplace.aps.com.


On top of that, you can earn bill credits and use smart thermostats from leading manufacturers – like Google Nest and ecobee – to conserve energy on Arizona’s hottest summer days, when it is convenient for you. Learn more about our APS Cool Rewards program: aps.com/coolrewards.


Check before you buy.


No matter how you choose to manage your energy use and save money, we’re here to help. It’s part of our commitment to providing clean, reliable and affordable energy – while building a sustainable future for Arizona.


Keep in mind, many of these tax credits have income limits. If you want to get the most green for going green, be sure to check with your tax consultant first to see if you qualify.

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Editor’s note: Kerri Carnes is the director of customer technology for APS. She has worked at Arizona Public Service since 2003 in various departments, including nuclear, transmission & distribution, supply chain, regulatory and operations. Given Arizona’s abundant sunshine during the day, her team helps create innovative customer-focused solutions to help better manage the grid while helping customers achieve their own clean energy goals.

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