Deposit Policy

Frequently asked questions about service for your business


There is a one-time, non-refundable administrative fee of $33 (plus tax). It will appear on your first month’s bill.


It is necessary to pay a security deposit when connecting service or if your business has a name or entity change (example: LLC to corporation) unless you have an established history with APS of at least 24 months of service with no more than one late payment in the last 12 months.

Deposits under $5,000 can be added to your first bill. If your required deposit is more than $5,000, your account will be placed on hold until we receive your deposit.


Most deposits are 2.5 times the highest energy bill in the past 12 months at that location. If your business is expected to use energy differently than the previous tenant, then your deposit amount will be determined by other factors such as the building’s square footage.


Deposits under $5,000 can be added to your first bill.

Or you can pay via surety bond. Email businesscare@aps.com or call our Business Customer Care Center at 602-371-6767 (800-253-9407) to have the form emailed to you. Remember, a bond is not complete without a power-of-attorney signed by the officer/sole proprietor/general partner/managing member of the business. Please mail the original surety bond to:

Commercial Credit Department
PO Box 53933, M.S. 3209
Phoenix, AZ 85072-3933

You may also use an Irrevocable Letter of Credit or Assignment of Monies such as liquid assets (i.e., savings account or CD held in an FDIC-insured bank). You can obtain the appropriate forms from your bank. Email businesscare@aps.com or call our Business Customer Care Center at 602-371-6767 (800-253-9407) to have the form prepared.


You may have to pay an additional security deposit if you have two or more late payments in a 12-month period or are disconnected for nonpayment. If your energy consumption has changed, you’ve connected additional service or your business’s financial condition warrants an extension of the security deposit, you may also have to pay another.


Typically, deposits are reviewed after 24 months of service and the funds returned. If during the past 12 months your company’s account has had two or more late payments, service disconnections for nonpayment, filed for bankruptcy or had a change in financial condition, the security deposit could be extended.

If your account qualifies for a deposit to be returned, your funds (plus interest) will be applied to your regular bill. However, if you stop service before your deposit is returned, the funds will be applied to your final bill and a check mailed to you for any remaining balance left after 25 days.
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