Green Choice Program

For residents and businesses that want to combine sustainability with affordability, our Green Choice Program lets you select a portion of your power that comes from renewable energy sources.
APS Green Choice Program


You choose the number of

100-kWh blocks

You choose the percentage of your

usage you would like to purchase

Cost (in addition to your normal monthly charges)


plus tax
10% - $0.00085/kWh
35% - $0.00298/kWh
50% - $0.00425/kWh
100% - $0.00850/kWh
plus tax

Example of monthly premium

5 blocks

kWh X $0.85

= $4.25 premium (plus tax)

35% of 2,000 kWh usage

2000kWh x $0.00298

= $5.96 premium (plus tax)

Monthly premium type



Minimum membership term

One year

One year


APS Green Choice Event Option
The APS Green Choice Program lets you power a single event, which may cover multiple days and/or venues, with renewable energy sources. You select the number of 100 kWh blocks needed to power your event (minimum purchase: $500). See tariff sheet GPS-3

Call 602-216-0318 (800-659-8148) or email GCREQ@apsc.com to learn more or to sign up.
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