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Our communities—from homes, to schools, to businesses—depend on us each day to deliver reliable energy. With approximately 1.4 million customers across the state, we know how important it is to look at the big picture for today and tomorrow. That’s why we’re embarking on an ambitious goal to deliver 100% clean, carbon-free and affordable electricity to our customers by 2050. Our commitment to clean energy is our commitment to Arizona.

Integrated Resource Plan

Bold energy goals require ambitious plans and sound resource management. Together with our team of resource experts, energy planners and input from cross-sector stakeholders, we’ve worked to develop a strategic roadmap on our path to a 100% carbon-free generation mix by 2050. Our Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) lays out how we plan to serve our customers’ energy needs for the next 15 years, which includes an interim target of achieving a 65% clean energy mix by 2030. We’re focused on integrating renewable resources, empowering customers with flexible energy efficiency options and incorporating advanced technology to produce 100% clean and affordable energy—all while providing reliable service and remaining good stewards of Arizona’s diverse environment.

Here's how we plan to take our commitment to clean energy to the next level:
  • Eliminate the use of coal in energy generation by 2031
  • Add more solar paired with storage to harness Arizona’s sunshine
  • Continue to invest in vital carbon-free resources like nuclear energy from Palo Verde Generating Station 
  • Engage customers through expanded energy efficiency programs and smart energy choices

Curious about our vision for a clean, reliable and affordable future? Learn more from our plans and updates here:

2023 Integrated Resource Plan Stakeholder Update / April 7, 2023
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2020 Integrated Resource Plan Stakeholder Update / February 23, 2021
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2020 Integrated Resource Plan / September 15, 2020
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2020 Integrated Resource Plan / June 26, 2020
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2020 Integrated Resource Plan Stakeholder Update / June 11, 2020
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Resource Planning Advisory Council (RPAC)


The APS Resource Planning Advisory Council (RPAC) was formed in early 2021 as a diverse set of stakeholders to collaborate with APS in the development of the Company’s 2023 IRP. In light of the rapidly changing energy environment evident across the country and in particular in Arizona, the APS RPAC was created to infuse additional group participation and transparency to the IRP process. APS welcomes the participation of RPAC in the IRP process and looks forward to working with this Group throughout the IRP cycle. Contact us at rpac@aps.com

RPAC session held April 21, 2023

RPAC session held May 17, 2023

RPAC session held June 23, 2023

RPAC session held July 19, 2023

RPAC session held August 4, 2023

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We are Committed to Clean Energy

Arizona is a beautiful place to call home. Together, we can keep it that way. We’re committed to doing our part by providing 100% clean, carbon-free energy to customers by 2050 – while delivering the reliable, affordable service our customers expect.
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Play a Role in Arizona’s Energy Future

Does your business have a passion for renewable clean energy? Are you an innovator in energy storage and resources? Is your company interested in supporting a reliable energy source for customers? When it comes to doing business with APS on new projects and programs, we don’t just look for companies that can get the job done. We look for skilled partners who are excited to push Arizona’s clean energy future forward. Join us.
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Qualifying Facilities

To meet our customers’ growing needs, we generate energy from a diverse asset portfolio and often purchase power from other organizations. If you’re interested in becoming a Qualifying Facility that sells energy to APS, review all relevant resources and submit the application below. Questions? Email us at apsqf@aps.com.

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Corporate Responsibility Report

Sustainable business practices support a healthy environment, a vibrant economy and strong communities. Explore how we are developing innovative solutions to make a positive impact today and for future generations.
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Doing Business with Us

Our story is Arizona’s story. We are proud to be a driving force in our state’s economy and a strong partner for businesses in Arizona. We are committed to a supply chain that is safe, sustainable and diverse.
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