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Voltage - 230kV
Estimated completion date - 2023
Location - El Mirage, AZ


Project need
New electrical infrastructure is needed to provide clean and reliable electric service to a new data center customer in the City of El Mirage and support the continuing economic growth and development in the West Valley.

Project description

We continually monitor our electrical system and, when necessary, add or upgrade facilities. These improvements enhance reliability and help ensure that an adequate supply of electric power is available to our customers.

The project involves the connection of the new Contrail Substation (located on the customer's property on the southeast corner of Olive Avenue and Dysart Road) to existing 230kV transmission facilities. Specifically, these new lines will need to connect the Contrail Substation approximately two miles to the east into the existing 230kV transmission line or directly into the El Sol Substation, and approximately five miles to the west into the planned TS-2 Substation.

Project maps
Jurisdiction Map
Jurisdiction Planning Map
Study Area Map
Existing Land Use Map
Future Land Use Map

Project features
This connection project will feature steel monopole (single pole) structures that are typically used for new 230kV transmission lines, but may include a variety of structure types, ranging in height from approximately 115 feet to 195 feet tall depending on routing, terrain and crossing of existing structures, including elevated roads and other power lines.

Project input
An important component of our siting process is to receive input from residents, tenants, property owners, businesses and recreational users within the study area. Members of the public and all interested parties are invited to visit our virtual open house at any time online at apswestvalleycentral.com. You will be able to provide input and request a call to speak with one of our subject matter experts. All comments must be submitted by November 20, 2020 to ensure its review and consideration in this process. Comments and questions may be submitted within the virtual open house , on the comment form or by phone or email . 

Public information open house
Launch date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Attend online: apswestvalleycentral.com
Comment period: October 20 – November 20, 2020

Contact information
Brad Larsen
Senior Siting Consultant
Project information phone number: 623-241-5935

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