Three Rivers 230kV

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Voltage - 230kV
Estimated completion date - 1st quarter 2021
Location - East Goodyear and west Avondale area

Project need
Connect new power lines and substation into an existing 230kV transmission line to serve a new data center located west of Bullard Avenue between Van Buren Street and Yuma Road.

Project description
The greater Phoenix region has emerged as one of the top markets in the western United States for attracting high-tech industries, including data center companies. The west valley, in particular, is benefiting from economic development activity that will bring jobs and revenue to the area. We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable electric service to support this growth. In February 2020, we announced the need for new electrical infrastructure to serve a new data center in Goodyear, and support the overall growth in the west valley. We held public open house meetings on February 19 and 20, in Avondale and Goodyear to explain the purpose and need for this project, answer questions, discuss potential routes for the power lines, and solicit input from all who attended. Public commenting through mail, email, telephone and the project webpage, will continue to be available to the public, and incorporated into our studies to help us identify proper locations for two separate 230 kilovolt (230kV) power lines. These lines are needed to connect the new Three Rivers Substation, located near Bullard Avenue and Van Buren Street in Goodyear, to the existing power line along the Agua Fria River in Avondale.

Project planning
We continue to evaluate environmental impacts, engineering and construction feasibility, land acquisition timing and costs, potential impacts to existing and planned neighborhoods and businesses and input from agencies and the public. Results of these studies have led to identifying seven preliminary alternative routes, as shown on the included map. We encourage you to attend our virtual open house to learn more about the project, the seven alternative routes, and to provide additional comments. Your input is valuable, and will ultimately help us narrow down and identify the appropriate locations for the two separate power lines.

At the conclusion of the environmental studies and the public process, we will present the project to the Arizona Power Plant and Line Siting Committee. The Committee will hear the evidence from us, the environmental consultant, and any stakeholders wishing to participate in the siting process. This hearing is open to the public, and there will be time available for public comments. If the Committee approves the proposal, they will issue a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility that is then submitted to the Arizona Corporation Commission for final approval.

Project maps
Three Rivers 230kV Project Map

Project features
Monopole (single pole) structures are typically used for new 230kV transmission lines, but may include a variety of steel structure types, ranging in height from approximately 115 feet tall to a maximum height of 195 feet depending on routing, terrain and crossing of existing structures, including elevated roads and other power lines. The typical rights-of-way or easements are approximately 120 feet wide (60 feet each side of the structure), but may also vary. Any opportunity to utilize existing 69kV power line routes for the new 230kV structures will be considered.

Public input
An important component of our siting process is to receive input from residents, property owners and businesses within the study area. Members of the public and all interested parties are invited to visit our virtual open house at any time online at threeriversopenhouse.com, to learn more about the purpose and need for the project, the siting process and route alternatives. You will be able to provide input and, if desired, request a call to speak with one of our subject matter experts. If you cannot access the site online, you can call or email a request for a hard copy of the open house materials to be mailed.

Public information open house
Launch Date: Wednesday July 1, 2020
Attend Online: threeriversopenhouse.com
Comment Period: July 1 - August 1, 2020

Project updates
Throughout the planning process, this webpage will be maintained with the latest information. Comments can be submitted by email or by phone to:

Siting Consultant
Project information phone number: 833-387-7518

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