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Smart Thermostat Rebate


Managing energy costs is easier with a smart thermostat. Set your ideal temperature from anywhere. Or program it for the perfect balance of comfort and savings and let it do the work for you. Start with a qualifying smart thermostat to receive a $30 rebate.

How to apply for your $30 bill credit

Right after you install it, an internet-connected smart thermostat offers features that make managing your energy use easier and can help you save money. Starting with a $30 bill credit.

To apply for your bill credit, please email the information below to TstatRebate@aps.com (allow 1 to 2 billing periods):
  • First and last name (as it appears on your bill)
  • Email Address
  • Service address
  • Phone Number
  • Thermostat model name or number
  • Purchase receipt (attach photo to email)

To learn more, view the 'Frequently asked questions' from the tab above or our Approved Smart Thermostats list.


1. Purchase any new smart thermostat from the approved list. Refurbished or used products are not eligible.
2. Install and register your thermostat following the manufacturer’s instructions.
3. Click here and follow the instructions.
4. Allow one to two billing cycles to receive your bill credit
5. If you have additional questions about your rebate, please call us at 877-576-5272 or email us at greenteamVM@apsc.com


Energy savings vary greatly based on home characteristics and climate conditions. However, a typical home in APS territory can save up to 15% on electricity costs when the smart thermostat is set for savings and it maintains those settings. Smart thermostats can help you maintain the ideal temperature settings for energy savings without even thinking about it so you’re always comfortable and saving money.


Yes, bill credit amounts are limited to one thermostat per AC system (up to 5 systems per home).


Internet-connected smart thermostats still should be programmed as a starting point. ENERGY STAR® recommends the following starting points for setting energy-saving temperatures.

A Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

If your smart thermostat has the “learning” feature, it will calculate the amount of time required to cool or heat the house so that it will reach that temperature at the set time. By “examining” the performance of the previous few days, learning thermostats keep track of your schedule and the seasons. In this way, your house is always comfortable when occupied but saving the most energy when unoccupied. Once your thermostat learns your patterns, it puts your heating and cooling on autopilot.

Remember: For every degree warmer you set your thermostat, you can expect to save 2% to 3% on your energy cooling costs.


1. You must be an APS customer and your connected thermostat must be installed in your home in APS service territory.
2. Your smart thermostat(s) must have been purchased within the last six months.
3. Your thermostat must be new; refurbished or used smart thermostats are not eligible.
4. Credit amounts are limited to one thermostat per AC system (up to 5 systems per home).

1. NOTE: If you have more than one system and want to apply for your second or subsequent credit, and you have a qualified Lux, Honeywell, Radio Thermostat, ecobee or Sensi thermostat, email aps@energyhub.com for assistance. If you are installing more than one qualified Nest, Vivint, or Alarm.com thermostat, any additional thermostat you set up will be automatically submitted for additional credit(s).
2. Smart thermostat(s) must be connected to the internet and be registered online with the manufacturer.


There are a variety of smart thermostat options and features available. The following is a brief description of terminology and features used by most smart thermostat manufacturers.

All smart thermostats are internet-connected, meaning they can be controlled remotely with a smart phone or computer. Three features that differentiate one smart thermostat from another are: occupancy sensing, geofencing and “learning” capability. Any one of these features or a combination can be offered by smart thermostat manufacturers in order to optimize your home’s comfort while minimizing your energy consumption.

Connected: Web-based, internet-connected, WiFi-enabled and cloud-based are all terms used to describe the ability to control your thermostat remotely via smart phone, tablet or computer. One major advantage of new smart thermostats is the development of intuitive programming screens or online dashboards that make them much easier to set up your home’s cooling and heating schedules and preferences.

Occupancy sensing: Occupancy sensors inside the thermostat or remote sensors placed throughout your home detect motion and therefore the occupancy of a space. They can trigger the HVAC system to automatically adjust to your “at home” settings when you are there or “away” settings when you’re gone.

Geofencing: By using your smart phone to track your whereabouts, smart thermostats can detect if you are within a set proximity of your home and trigger the HVAC system to automatically adjust to your programmed settings. Users set up this virtual fence or “geofence” around their home using the smart thermostat application.

Learning: Learning thermostats may also use home sensors and/or geofencing, but have the added benefit of learning the characteristics of your home, your schedule, and even using weather forecasts to optimize your home’s temperature, keeping you comfortable when you’re home and saving energy when you’re not.


Click here for a current list of approved models. Thermostats must be new; refurbished or used smart thermostats are not eligible for APS credits.

Note: Not all smart thermostats are the same. The features of smart thermostats can vary widely. To make sure that you are satisfied with your smart thermostat, be sure to review all the features in order to determine which are best suited for your circumstances and your home.


Smart thermostats should work with most equipment, although some high-efficiency heating and cooling systems may work only with designated models. To make sure that you’re purchasing a smart thermostat that works with your equipment, be sure to check with the manufacturer.


Every model is different so we suggest you visit the manufacturer website for support and troubleshooting.
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