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Our Solutions for Business team is here to help you use energy wisely.
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Managing Your Energy Can Help Your Business Save

Is your business using energy as efficiently as it could? Our Solutions for Business program can help you find ways to not only use less energy but also make smarter use of it. And those efficiencies can help make a healthy difference in your bottom line.

Advice and Resources

Check out the best practices in energy management by industry or technology.

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Multifamily properties

Include energy efficiency in your multifamily construction and renovation plans.

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Peak Solutions

The Peak Solutions demand response program pays participants for reducing electric energy during times of high usage on the APS grid.

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Energy-Focused Training Options

Whether you're a customer or a Trade Ally, our energy trainings can provide you with the insights to understand how energy use impacts a business. We offer hot topic webinars to help you improve the knowledge of your staff and stay up to date on the latest trends. These trainings are open to the public, and are free to attend, so spread the word to your friends and colleagues.
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Partner with a Trade Ally

Trade Allies have the tools to help business customers, such as schools, manufacturers, multifamily facilities or government agencies understand how to use energy wisely and become more sustainable. Work with a qualified Trade Ally to see if your business qualifies for a rebate to improve efficiency.
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Free Energy Assessment for Your Business

Identify savings and rebate opportunities for qualifying businesses, schools and nonprofits – all for free.
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Make Upgrades More Affordable with Rebates

You can reduce your monthly bill when you replace your equipment with options that are more energy efficient. A rebate can help you pay less for it, too. You’ll find a range of options, including HVAC, energy management systems, shade screens and more, for both new construction and building tune-ups.

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Energy Information Services

The power to manage your energy use

Energy Information Services (EIS) is a powerful online energy-management tool that provides customers with relevant and reliable energy-usage data to help them make informed decisions and save money. The key to managing your energy costs is knowing how you use energy.

Simple to use
EIS gives you a quick-read summary of all the information you need to manage your energy budget, reduce energy use, eliminate surprises and forecast future demand.

User friendly software makes it simple

  • Get an easy-to-read graphic representation of your energy use that will help you understand your current energy consumption patterns.
  • Run “what if” scenario planning to model usage pattern changes and energy reduction impacts.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce your operational costs.
  • Track operational change decisions and estimate your cost savings.

Try it for free
Understanding how you use energy is the first step toward managing it, so we cover 100% of the cost for the first year. You can continue the service for just $20 per AMI meter per month.

Put this powerful tool to use for your business.
To sign up, call (866) 421-1234 or email us here.

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Fleet Marketplace

Energize your fleet. And start saving on your bottom line with an EV fleet. Find out more at the APS Fleet Marketplace.

Disclaimer: The APS Fleet Marketplace is currently undergoing maintenance and the information contained on the site may change. In the meantime, if you have questions about electrifying your fleet, please email us at fleets@aps.com.
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Planning for an Electric Fleet

The APS Fleet Advisory Service program can help you develop a fleet electrification plan. Qualifying organizations include schools, municipalities, public transit agencies, non-profits and other companies operating fleets in disadvantaged communities.

Programs that Make Paying Your Bill Almost Effortless

From AutoPay to Paperless, Budget Billing to Preferred Due Date and Alerts, you’ll find programs that help you pay your bill in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle.



Alerts can help your business take action
When you're running a business, you always want to be on top of things. Subscribing to our outage, usage and payment alerts via email or text will keep you in the loop so your business can stay one step ahead.


Automatic payments can save you time and worry
When you set your account up with AutoPay, your payment is automatically deducted from the payment method of your choice on your due date.

Budget Billing

Averaging your payments makes monthly budgeting easier
Budget Billing is a great program that helps you even out the highs and lows of your monthly payments.Sure, you'll still pay for all of the energy you use. But consistent monthly payments give you more control over your budget so you can anticipate your monthly bills.

Paperless Billing

View your bill on your time, anytime with Paperless Billing
When your company enrolls in Paperless Billing, it not only shows you're a good corporate citizen but also a smart business that wants to save time and ditch the hassle of paper.

Preferred Due Date

Choosing when your bill is due can help with cash flow
It can be difficult for any business to have all your bills due at the same time. Fortunately you can be in control when it comes to your electric bill and request a different due date, which can really help out when it comes to balancing your outgoing bills.
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Schedule a 30-minute chat with an energy advisor to learn about eligible rebates and energy-saving opportunities for your ongoing or future projects.

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