Changes are coming soon to APS time-of-use plans

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Customers on a current time-of-use or time-of-use with demand plan will have new on-peak hours.

Current On-peak Hours: 3pm-8pm Weekdays
New Hours Coming Soon: 4pm-7pm Weekdays

As a reminder, on-peak hours are when prices are higher to encourage customers to conserve energy because it’s in big demand across our system. The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) requests we track potential cost differences to customer bills based on the current time-of-use hours and the new hours. Your account may qualify for a credit on a future bill.

Important to know!

What these changes mean for you


The Arizona Corporation Commission voted to change these hours in our current residential time-of-use plan options to make it easier for customers to manage their energy use within a shorter on-peak window.


In May we will start transitioning customers who are on an active time-of-use plan to these new on-peak hours. Our goal is to have nearly all of these customers on the 4pm-7pm hours by the end of July.


This change involves reprogramming a meter located at a customer’s service address. In most cases we can do this remotely, but we will let customers know if we need to send an APS representative for some reason. This would include if a customer has a non-standard meter that we can’t update remotely. Each meter on every residential account we serve throughout the state adds up to a lot of meters, so we are handling the reprogramming in daily batches to ensure a smooth process for our customers and the systems that process meter data.


When we have successfully updated your meter with the new on-peak hours, you’ll get:

an email if we have a good e-mail address on file. To get the fastest update this way, please register your account by clicking the “log-in” button on this site and then the “register” link. If you already have an account, you can log in to check that the email address on your account is still current. 
an automated phone call from APS if we have a good number on file for you and no email address is registered. You can add or update the phone number on your account by following the instructions above or by calling us at (855) 225-5277. 
an alert on your account when you log in at aps.com.  
a bill message reminding you of the change. 


A shorter on-peak window will make it easier and more convenient for you to manage your usage during this time to save on our time-of-use plans. Please remember though:

Before this change takes effect on your account, you should keep shifting energy to outside of 3pm-8pm weekdays and, with our demand plan, staggering use of major appliances during that time to save money on your bill. 
After this change takes effect on your account, you only need to manage your energy use three hours each weekday, from 4pm-7pm, to save during on-peak hours. For example, if you normally wait to dry your laundry until after 8pm weekdays, you could do that an hour earlier after 7pm once your meter and account have been updated. And if you are on our time-of-use plan with demand, you will only need to stagger use of your major appliances for three hours each weekday, not five hours.


No. Business customers’ time-of-use hours will remain 3pm-8pm weekdays, and a small number of residential customers on legacy plans will not have their on-peak hours change. Otherwise, remaining residential customers on a time-of-use plan will transition to the new on-peak hours.

Price changes for time-of-use plans

With these new on-peak hours comes new pricing for both the summer and winter rates in our time-of-use plans. Below you can see how the summer rates for our time-of-use plans with the 3pm-8pm weekdays hours will change with the new 4pm-7pm weekdays hours:

  • TOU 3pm-8pm Weekdays Summer Rates Infographic
  • TOU 4pm-7pm Weekdays Summer Rates Infographic
  • TOU 3pm-8pm Weekdays with Demand Charge Summer Rates Infographic
  • TOU 4pm-7pm Weekdays with Demand Charge Summer Rates Infographic

More tools returning later this year

Resources to help you decide which plan is best for you

Three months after the new on-peak hours take effect on your account, we will start including information on your monthly bill again about whether you could have saved money on a different rate plan based on how and when you used energy. Plus, you’ll be able to use our free online tool to compare plans based on your own past energy use.

  • Transition timeline for new time-of-use on-peak hours, 4pm-7pm weekdays


We’ll keep in touch
We’re here to help you through this change and get the most out of your rate plan

You can compare your plan options and learn more about how to save on your plan at aps.com/plans or visit our service plan FAQ page for more details. How you use energy can change over time, so we recommend checking your plan options. Remember, you can switch plans anytime. Plus, we are available 24/7 by phone at (855) 225-5277.
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