Deposit Policy

Do you have a question about fees for starting service or deposits?

Frequently asked questions


New customers are required to pay a security deposit when establishing an account with APS, depending on their credit score.

To maintain a satisfactory credit score with APS and avoid being required to pay a deposit, your payments must be received by the due dates printed on your bills.


Residential deposits are based on two times the average bill.


Residential refunds are held a minimum of 12 months, or until the account reflects no more than two late payments in the last 12 months. When the account is reviewed after one year, if the payment history reflects no more than two late payments in the last 12 months, the deposit is returned (with interest) by crediting the utility account in the 13th month.

When service is terminated, the deposit is applied to the final bill. If a credit remains after the final bill is paid in full, a refund check is mailed to the address provided when you notify us to Stop Service. (Checks are mailed within 25 business days after service is stopped.)


Deposits can be waived for residential customers if:
• A credit check results in no deposit required
• An acceptable Letter of Credit (LOC) from another electric company is provided
• A joint account holder is added to the account with existing good payment history or an acceptable LOC from another electric company


Deposits for new customers will be included on their first bill.
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