Move your business service
If you need to move your service, consider it done, we'll get everything changed so you can get on to what's next.
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Move service of your business address
A couple of things to remember:
  • Schedule service date – If you're going to move service, please give us at least three business days' notice.
  • Move fees – A $33 plus tax service establishment charge will appear on your first bill. There is no charge for stopping service.
  • Service area – To verify your new address is served by APS, view our service area map.
  • You will need your account number to move service, unless you are registered on aps.com. If you are registered, you can login on the next page.
  • Account holder or authorized agent – Only the person(s) on the account, company officers or someone who has been appointed to act on behalf of the business may make changes to your service.
  • Use the Move your residential service form to move service in your personal name.
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