Storage Rewards

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Storage energy with battery technology has its rewards. Specifically, a $500 one-time bill credit.Our APS Storage Rewards program is free for residents in targeted areas and includes a Sunverge One battery system. And because we own the battery, there's no cost for you to manage and maintain it.
This program is full and is not accepting new applications.

Here's How it Works:



The APS Storage Rewards program offered a residential battery storage option, with an APS-owned battery system, to customers in targeted areas, so they could enjoy the benefits of energy storage without the hassle or expense of owning their own. The residential batteries are maintained by us. All participants are on a current time-of-use plan, plans that work well with energy storage technologies that help to shift energy usage to off-peak hours. Customers also received a one-time enrollment bill credit of $500. We also manage the use of the battery – we’ll charge it during off-peak hours and use the energy stored in the battery during high energy use periods. This will help us study the impact of using battery storage as an energy source during peak periods.



Once your information has been verified, you'll be contacted to schedule an appointment to have an installer come to your home to conduct a site survey.


If your home passes the site survey, you'll be contacted to schedule the installation of the battery on the side of your home.




Once the battery is installed, it will be inspected by your local municipality.


We'll then do our own inspection to make sure the battery is correctly connected to our grid, supply the appropriate meters and turn it on.




You will then receive your one-time participation $500 bill credit.

Please note, customers who have rooftop solar and are currently on a grandfathered plan with net metering would need to switch to the Time-of-Use 3pm-8pm Weekdays with Demand Charge plan and would not be able to go back to the grandfathered plan once the program has ended.
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