PWReady Program

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Exclusive offer for Arizona Public Service customers

The benefits of owning a PWRcell battery storage system are plentiful. PWRcell systems can harness clean energy for use after sunset, lower your electric bill and power your home during outages. And now, PWRcell can provide even greater return on your investment when you participate in the PWReady program.

What is the PWRready Program?

APS has partnered with Generac to offer residential customers an exciting new opportunity to help distribute power to the grid during times of peak energy use. Join the PWReady program to save up to $4,000 on the purchase of your PWRcell battery storage system.

Incentive payments vary depending on your PWRcell battery capacity, in accordance with the chart below.

PWRcell Battery Size Killowatt Hours (kWh) Total Incentive

M3, M4, M5 9-15 $2,000

M6 or greater 18+ $4,000

Maximize Savings

Just for signing up, you’ll save up to $4,000 on the purchase of your PWRcell, in addition to what you’ll save on your monthly electric bill. Install a solar + battery storage system by the end of 2022 and you may also be eligible to claim a 26% solar tax credit**.

Help Meet Peak Energy Demand

When energy demand is high, APS will alert Generac. Generac will discharge a percentage of the energy in your battery storage system to help meet peak energy demand. Energy events should never utilize all of the energy reserved by your PWRcell system, protecting your home’s resiliency in the case of an outage.

Easy to Participate

Once you sign up and your enrollment is approved, Generac will take care of the rest. You’ll be enrolled for up to seven years, but you may unenroll from the program at any time .

*Terms and conditions apply.
** Not everyone is eligible for the federal and state tax credits/rebates or can use them. Please consult your tax or legal professional for more details.

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