Take Charge AZ

Chevrolet Volt charging.


They help with cleaner energy and cleaner air, so we want to focus on making driving EVs convenient for customers.

Three Ways to Help Make the Shift to Electric

We want Arizonans to have the choice to drive electric without the worry. Things like range anxiety or access to charging stations shouldn’t be a barrier in going electric, and Take Charge AZ is one of the first steps toward removing these barriers.


The APS Take Charge AZ pilot program offers free EV charging equipment, as well as installation and maintenance to qualifying commercial customers, such as 501(c)(3) non-profits, schools, multifamily communities and municipalities. Other commercial customers are eligible for the program with a 50% match to cover construction and installation costs. Participants will pay for any electric costs that come from using the equipment. Customers will be metered separately for the EV chargers and placed on a time-of-use service plan to encourage use of the equipment when solar energy is abundant and energy costs are lower.

Workplace and Fleet Charging

Chargers at the workplace takes the worry out of driving electric, whether it is for your employees, guests or transportation fleet. Having workplace or fleet charging reduces fuel costs and is a big step towards meeting your sustainability goals.

Public EV Charging

Providing public charging for your visitors can improve your customer satisfaction, attract new customers and showcase your commitment to clean energy.

Multifamily Communities

Don’t let a lack of EV charging stop residents from choosing to live in your multifamily community.
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