This Memorial Day Weekend, have fun in the sun with APS summer safety tips

Be cautious around water, power lines to prevent power outages, injuries

With the official start of summer almost here, many Arizonans are looking forward to backyard barbecues and spending time with family and friends by the pool. Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) offers safety tips to avoid hazards and prevent power outages:

  • Electricity and pools don’t mix. Be aware of overhead power lines when using long-handled cleaning tools. Know where electrical switches and circuit breakers for pool equipment and lights are located and how to switch them off in an emergency. Never handle electronic devices, such as speakers or phone chargers, while wet or place them where they can get splashed.
  • Hang outdoor lighting away from water. The National Electric Code requires a minimum 10-foot vertical clearance over the water surface in a pool for popular backyard décor like string lights. When installing lighting, only use your ladder on level ground and don’t use the top rung.
  • Inspect extension cords and plugs. Overloaded cords can lead to electric shock and serious injury. Select an extension cord rated best for the intended appliance. For outdoor purposes, use only weather-resistant, heavy-gauge extension cords marked for that use and plug into the right outdoor electrical outlets.
  • Keep items away from power lines. Store pool toys and tie down umbrellas and patio furniture so wind doesn’t blow them into power lines and cause power outages. Never fly drones, kites or other aerial toys near power lines. Contact your electric company before you trim or cut trees that are near power lines.
  • Celebrate indoors with balloons. Deflate and properly dispose of balloons in the trash. Released balloons can come in contact with power lines, creating outages and extensive damage.

APS customers can enjoy Memorial Day as an off-peak day, meaning customers on our time-of-use plans will enjoy the lower-priced rates in their plan the full 24 hours of May 30.

For more ways to stay safe around electricity, save money on electric bills and find bill assistance options, visit aps.com.

Overhead view of a man brushing the sides of a pool
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