Farming sunlight to power Arizona

West of Phoenix off old U.S. Highway 80, where farmers once grew cotton and alfalfa, a new crop is being harvested: clean energy. Rows of deep blue solar panels soak up the sun and convert it, not into leaves and seeds, but into green megawatts.

At the Agave Solar Plant, currently under construction in Arlington, Arizona, more than 400,000 panels will track the sun across the sky – generating 150 megawatts, or enough energy to power 24,000 Arizona homes. The plant is expected to be in service, delivering for APS customers, in time for summer 2023.

We’re also investing in battery energy storage systems at several of our existing solar plants – 201 megawatts, or enough to power more than 32,000 Arizona customers – and will have the capacity to add batteries at the Agave plant in the future. By pairing batteries with solar, we can store solar energy from the day and deliver it to customers after the sun sets.

As energy demand grows in Arizona, APS is investing in clean energy to meet customer needs. New investment decisions are made through our competitive procurement process to ensure projects are among the most affordable options for customers.

We’re committed to a 100% clean energy future – without compromising on affordability or reliability for customers. These investments in solar energy and batteries are an important part of our diverse energy mix, helping deliver more stable energy costs for customers over the long term.

Learn more about investments we’re making to support reliability for Arizona: aps.com/ratecase.

agave solar plant
Trucks roll into the Agave Solar Plant, currently under construction in Arlington, Arizona, where more than 400,000 panels will generate 150 megawatts -- enough energy to power 24,000 Arizona homes. It is expected to be in service by summer 2023 .

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