APS Crews Help Protect Wildlife Across Arizona

March 3 is World Wildlife Day. Hundreds of species— from desert creatures to mountain animals— call Arizona’s scenic landscapes home.


For APS, serving reliable energy to people and communities comes with a responsibility to protect, conserve and care for wildlife. While the highly trained line workers who help keep our electrical system running smoothly are often the most visible members of our team, it might surprise you to learn wildlife biologists and specially trained arborists also work at APS and focus on protecting wildlife and our environment.


For example, APS’s forestry department works year-round to ensure the safety of birds through our Avian Protection Program. Once experts identify high-traffic areas for birds, our crews install specialized protective devices like bird guard covers and line markers to keep birds safe when they perch on our electrical equipment.


Plus, our natural resource experts work hand-in-hand with local animal rehabilitation centers to make sure birds or nests are properly cared for and relocated if necessary. The team also maintains important partnerships with agencies like the Arizona Department of Game and Fish and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect wildlife.


Visit aps.com/wildlife to learn more about APS’s commitment to protecting Arizona wildlife.

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