Lives on the line - how Liberty Wildlife helps us help animals

Sometimes APS crews serve as first responders when they encounter a wild animal in distress in the field. Thanks to Liberty Wildlife, many of our line workers and members of our forestry department have been schooled on how to keep injured animals alive until Liberty Wildlife staffers can arrive on the scene, which can be challenging if the animal is found in APS territory far from the Phoenix metropolitan area, where Liberty Wildlife is based.

For more than a decade, APS has partnered with Liberty Wildlife, a non-profit organization committed to providing quality wildlife rehabilitation, environmental education, and conservation services for the community.

Liberty Wildlife helps to assist our crews in keeping the lights on as well. When a nest is found near a line, we work to relocate it to ensure the safety of the animals as well as the continued electrical service to our customers.

close-up view of a an owl flying in the desert

“At APS, we are natural stewards of the environment,” said Nicole Rodriguez, an APS Natural Resource Specialist who manages the company’s Wildlife Protection Program. “We have great employees who want to do the right thing and who have a vested interest in protecting animals, not only because it’s the law but because it’s who we are.”

Founded in January 1981, Liberty Wildlife takes care of approximately 10,000 animals per year. With no government funding, it depends heavily on the generosity of individual donors and corporate partners, such as APS.

Building and maintaining relationships with various wildlife conservation organizations, such as Liberty Wildlife, strengthen the APS Wildlife Protection Program. We also work closely with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and others to ensure the safety and well-being of wildlife across our state.

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